Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recent Duck Transfers

Jamere Holland (WR) - Transfer from USC
Jamere Holland transferred to Oregon at the start of the 2007 season from USC but had to sit out this past year due to NCAA rules. According to his Scout.com bio he was "possibly the fastest football player in the nation" during his recruitment.

He missed the entire 2006 season due to a broken collar bone and was held out of most of fall camp at USC with a groin injury. After getting buried in the WR depth chart at USC prior to the 2007 season, Jamere was apparently dismissed from USC and decided to transfer to Oregon where he could hopefully play a larger role. This transfer only taking place after winning his appeals to USC administrators be released from his scholarship (After Pete Carroll had previously denied him) and another to receive financial aid immediately. There was some talk about a lack of commitment from some sources at USC during the transfer but from what I've read it hasn't been apparent during his time with the Ducks.

Jamere was rated a 4 star on both Rivals.com and Scout.com, considered the #4 athlete (Rivals.com) and #11 wide receiver (Scout.com) and in Rivals and Scouts top 100 recruits of 2006.

At blazing speed, last timed at 4.21, look for Holland to play an important role in the Ducks offense come August 30th.

Na'Derris Ward (TE) - Transfer from Georgia
Na'Derris Ward decided to transfer to Oregon in April after deciding to leave Georgia at the end of February to be a closer to home (Oakland, CA).

He was rated a 4 star on both Rivals.com and Scout.com and was listed as the 2nd and 3rd best Tight End recruit in 2006 (according to Rivals and Scout respectively). Na'Derris, similar to Holland, was also a Rivals and Scout top 100 recruit in 2006.

Another similarity to Holland, Na'Derris had a season ending injury (shoulder) that forced him to sit out the 2006 season and limited him in 2007, as he did not catch 1 game pass as a Georgia Bulldog. His 6'-5" height, 245lbs and 4.55 speed (according to Rivals.com) makes him an intriguing addition for the 2008 season (or 2009 season if he has to sit out).

I haven't heard if Na'Derris can play in 2008 due to transfer rules or how many years he will have to play. It will be interesting to see how the coaching staff use Na'Derris with Ed Dickson and backup Malachi Lewis pretty much guaranteed to see playing time at TE in 2008.

Jeremiah Masoli (QB) - Transfer from CC of San Francisco
Jeremiah Masoli committed to the Ducks at the beginning of May this year. He won the JC National Championship as a freshman at CC of San Francisco (with Blake Ferras). Jeremiah moved to Hawaii his senior year of high school and sort of fell off the recruiting map. He attended a JC but since he was academically eligible for a D1 school, he was able to transfer right away.

Jeremiah hasn't been evaluated on Rivals.com but is considered a 5 star on Scout.com. He was said to be the #1 JC player of the 2009 class even though has already transferred to Oregon (more-or-less part of the 2008 class).

He will be on a financial agreement until he is able to sign with Oregon officially next February. Here is a video of Masoli at CC of San Francisco. Jeremiah has been on campus for voluntary Summer workouts and was interviewed by Rob Moseley shortly after his arrival. It is said he is happy to be competing for playing time with the Ducks 4 other QBs.

Masoli's commitment may have prompted Cody Kempt and Cade Cooper (didn't have a scholarship) to look elsewhere for playing time.

The following players have moved elsewhere within the past 6 months for various reasons. As a Duck fan, I'd like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the program. May their new endeavours treat them well.

Cody Kempt (QB) - Montana State
Cade Cooper (QB) - Southern Utah
John Laidet (TE) - Montana State
Ryan Keeling (TE) - Abilene (Texas) Christian
Charles Neal (RB) - Unknown