Friday, August 3, 2012

Oregon Ducks Competing in the 2012 London Olympics

I put this together a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to post this until today.  Attached is a spreadsheet with all the Oregon Ducks competing in the 2012 London Olympics.  Times slots are in Pacific Standard Time... Go Ducks!  and go U.S.A.!!!

Oregon Ducks in London 2012 Olympics  
Brianne Theisen* 100m Hurdles Heptathlon 3-Aug 2:05
Brianne Theisen* High Jump Heptathlon 3-Aug 3:15
Brianne Theisen* Shot Put Heptathlon 3-Aug 11:00
Matthew Centrowitz 1500m Round 1 3-Aug 12:05
Andrew Wheating 1500m Round 1 3-Aug 12:05
Brianne Theisen* 200m Heptathlon 3-Aug 12:45
Brianne Theisen* Long Jump Heptathlon 4-Aug 2:05
Becky Holliday Pole Vault Round 1 4-Aug 2:20
Brianne Theisen* Javelin Heptathlon 4-Aug 3:40
Brianne Theisen* 800m Heptathlon 4-Aug 12:35
Matthew Centrowitz 1500m Semi-Finals 5-Aug 12:15
Andrew Wheating 1500m Semi-Finals 5-Aug 12:15
Zoe Buckman^ 1500m Round 1 6-Aug 3:45
Becky Holliday Pole Vault Final 6-Aug 11:00
Rachel Yurkovich Javelin Round 1 7-Aug 2:00
Matthew Centrowitz 1500m Final 7-Aug 13:15
Andrew Wheating 1500m Final 7-Aug 13:15
Ashton Eaton 100m Decathlon 8-Aug 2:10
Galen Rupp 5000m Round 1 8-Aug 2:45
Ashton Eaton Long Jump Decathlon 8-Aug 3:10
Ashton Eaton Shot Put Decathlon 8-Aug 4:50
Ashton Eaton High Jump Decathlon 8-Aug 10:00
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin Round 1 8-Aug 11:05
Zoe Buckman^ 1500m Semi-Finals 8-Aug 11:45
Ashton Eaton 400m Decathlon 8-Aug 13:30
Ashton Eaton 110m Hurdles Decathlon 9-Aug 1:00
Ashton Eaton Discus Decathlon 9-Aug 1:55
Ashton Eaton Pole Vault Decathlon 9-Aug 4:55
Ashton Eaton Javelin Decathlon 9-Aug 10:30
Rachel Yurkovich Javelin Final 9-Aug 13:00
Ashton Eaton 1500m Decathlon 9-Aug 13:20
Keshia Baker 4x400 Relay Round 1 10-Aug 11:10
Zoe Buckman^ 1500m Final 10-Aug 12:55
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin Final 11-Aug 11:05
Galen Rupp 5000m Final 11-Aug 11:30
Keshia Baker 4x400 Relay Final 11-Aug 12:25
^ - Australia  
* - Canada