Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Like Stats? Part 4: Oregon's Uniforms

Keep in mind, these were taken since Chip's first year as head coach (2009) through last week's game @ Cal. (Hint: If you click on one of the graphs, you can scroll through all of them.)

Point Type Legend:
Green = Oregon WIN
Yellow = Oregon LOSS

Helmets: Wins and Losses
Jerseys: Wins and Losses
  Pants: Wins and Losses
  Combonations (Complex): Wins and Losses

 Combonations (Simplified): Wins and Losses
Socks: Wins and Losses

Shoes: Wins and Losses

Like Stats? Part 3: Rankings, Types, Locations & Days

Keep in mind, these were taken since Chip's first year as head coach (2009) through last week's game @ Cal. (Hint: If you click on one of the graphs, you can scroll through all of them.)

Point Type Legend:
Green = Oregon WIN
Yellow = Oregon LOSS
Ranked Opponents in Wins and Losses: Locations

 Opponent Rankings in Wins and Losses

Opponent Rankings in Wins and Losses

Type of Wins and Losses

 Location of Wins and Losses

  Days of Wins and Losses

   Location & Type of Wins and Losses

Day & Type of Wins and Losses

Day & Location of Wins and Losses

Day, Type and Location of Wins and Losses

Like Stats? Part 2: Point Types and Margins of Victories

Keep in mind, these were taken since Chip's first year as head coach (2009) through last week's game @ Cal. (Hint: If you click on one of the graphs, you can scroll through all of them.)

Point Type Legend:
Green = Touch Downs
Yellow = Field Goals
Black = PATs
Grey = 2pt Conv
Point Type Per Season: ALL

 Point Type Per Season: TDs and Field Goals ONLY

 Point Type Totals Per Season

 Point Type Averages Per Season

Margin of Victory Legend:
Green = Oregon WIN
Yellow = Oregon LOSS

 Margin of Victory in Wins and Losses: Over

Margin of Victory in Wins and Losses: Between

 Margin of Victory in Wins and Losses: Each Game

Like Stats? Part 1: Points in Wins & Losses

This is something I started tracking (and updating) since Chip Kelly took over the reins at Oregon but have never posted it.  After 3 1/2 years of data, there is some interesting data in all of these graphs.  Every graph is set to automatically update in the spreadsheet with a quick entry from the last game.  Keep in mind, these were taken since Chip's first year as head coach (2009) through last week's game @ Cal.  (Hint: If you click on one of the graphs, you can scroll through all of them.)  If people are interested, I can post after each game through the end of the season...  Go Ducks!

Green = Oregon WIN
Yellow = Oregon LOSS

Average Scores in Wins and Losses
Points Per Season by the Ducks

Points Per Season by Opponents

Minimum Points Scored Per Season by the Ducks

Average Points Scored Per Season by the Ducks

Maximum Points Scored Per Season by the Ducks

Minimum Points Scored Per Season by Opponents

Average Points Scored Per Season by Opponents

Maximum Points Scored Per Season by Opponents

Results When Oregon Has Scored More Than "X" Points

Results When Opponents Have Scored More Than "X" Points

Friday, August 3, 2012

Oregon Ducks Competing in the 2012 London Olympics

I put this together a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to post this until today.  Attached is a spreadsheet with all the Oregon Ducks competing in the 2012 London Olympics.  Times slots are in Pacific Standard Time... Go Ducks!  and go U.S.A.!!!

Oregon Ducks in London 2012 Olympics  
Brianne Theisen* 100m Hurdles Heptathlon 3-Aug 2:05
Brianne Theisen* High Jump Heptathlon 3-Aug 3:15
Brianne Theisen* Shot Put Heptathlon 3-Aug 11:00
Matthew Centrowitz 1500m Round 1 3-Aug 12:05
Andrew Wheating 1500m Round 1 3-Aug 12:05
Brianne Theisen* 200m Heptathlon 3-Aug 12:45
Brianne Theisen* Long Jump Heptathlon 4-Aug 2:05
Becky Holliday Pole Vault Round 1 4-Aug 2:20
Brianne Theisen* Javelin Heptathlon 4-Aug 3:40
Brianne Theisen* 800m Heptathlon 4-Aug 12:35
Matthew Centrowitz 1500m Semi-Finals 5-Aug 12:15
Andrew Wheating 1500m Semi-Finals 5-Aug 12:15
Zoe Buckman^ 1500m Round 1 6-Aug 3:45
Becky Holliday Pole Vault Final 6-Aug 11:00
Rachel Yurkovich Javelin Round 1 7-Aug 2:00
Matthew Centrowitz 1500m Final 7-Aug 13:15
Andrew Wheating 1500m Final 7-Aug 13:15
Ashton Eaton 100m Decathlon 8-Aug 2:10
Galen Rupp 5000m Round 1 8-Aug 2:45
Ashton Eaton Long Jump Decathlon 8-Aug 3:10
Ashton Eaton Shot Put Decathlon 8-Aug 4:50
Ashton Eaton High Jump Decathlon 8-Aug 10:00
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin Round 1 8-Aug 11:05
Zoe Buckman^ 1500m Semi-Finals 8-Aug 11:45
Ashton Eaton 400m Decathlon 8-Aug 13:30
Ashton Eaton 110m Hurdles Decathlon 9-Aug 1:00
Ashton Eaton Discus Decathlon 9-Aug 1:55
Ashton Eaton Pole Vault Decathlon 9-Aug 4:55
Ashton Eaton Javelin Decathlon 9-Aug 10:30
Rachel Yurkovich Javelin Final 9-Aug 13:00
Ashton Eaton 1500m Decathlon 9-Aug 13:20
Keshia Baker 4x400 Relay Round 1 10-Aug 11:10
Zoe Buckman^ 1500m Final 10-Aug 12:55
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin Final 11-Aug 11:05
Galen Rupp 5000m Final 11-Aug 11:30
Keshia Baker 4x400 Relay Final 11-Aug 12:25
^ - Australia  
* - Canada        

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oregon's "New" Defense

Say what?!?

Everyone knows Oregon for it's fast paced, innovative and aggressive offense... But why should that be any different on the defensive side of the ball? After the first few games of the year (last year) it wasn't the offense that was impressing, it was the defense. Once the offense finally started to click, it was a thing of beauty.

Aliotti may have received a lot of crap in the past for his "bend-but-don't-break" philosophy but I think there is a good reason Chip kept him around. After reading this anaylsis on Oregon's "new" defense it's hard not to be excited for football season...

For some more analysis and video, try this article on addicted to quack.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pac-10 Expansion?

Is the Pac-10 really prepared to offer 6 teams from the Big 12 like this article from Oregonbloods.com and this one from Rivals states? The Pac-10 is meeting this weekend in San Francisco to discuss the status of the conference and I heard earlier this week that they might propose something big... I just didn't think this big. I had also heard rumors that the Pac-10 might even suggest the addition of a Pac-10 network as soon as next week. Sounds like we might have a better idea of the Pac-10's intentions after this weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2009-2010 Chip Kelly Quotes

I kept track of some of Chip Kelly's quotes throughout the football season... Here are some of the ones that stuck out to me... Please feel free to contribute if you have a good one.

· “Last time I checked, there is no ‘Hall of Average.’ “
· “I’m not making a bold prediction, but we believe we can win every football game.”
· “I think it’s kind of like if you watch the Tour De France, you know, when you pedal up the hill, when you’re going downhill you still keep pedaling if you want to stay in front so, there’s no cruising going on in Eugene.”
· “If your expectations aren’t to be the best, then… you know, nobody rises to low expectations.”
· “Our expectations are to win every game we play. I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen .... but no one ever rises to low expectations.”
· “(Golf coach) Casey Martin is our uniform coordinator. He was very well-dressed on the PGA Tour. He did not dress like John Daly. So I told Casey he can have it.”
· “You better show up. You don’t have to be the best team in the country. You just have to be the best team in the stadium on that day.”
· "Our whole season is a 15-round heavyweight championship fight. We're in the fourth round. Round four just ended, we get over to the corner, get a squirt in our mouth and get ready to go, and we got to get ready for round five.”
· “It’s Oregon vs. UCLA for all the marbles. That’s got to be your thought process. You actually have a week off next week — that’s how nice I am.”
· “Feed the tuna mayonnaise.”
· "We never flinched," Kelly said, bringing up the call before he was even asked about it. "I went for it on fourth down because I was confident we could get a stop and get another chance." After Oregon went for it on 4th down vs. Arizona in the final minutes and failing to convert.
· "At the end of the day it is a team game and the best award is being the Pac-10 Champion and we've got that one." (About only 1 player being named to the All Pac-10 Team)
· “I don’t know, maybe because we made it I have to announce I’m retiring on Jan. 2, because we kind of made it all the way to the top,” he added, jokingly. “But I think I’ll be here for a couple more years.”
· "I'll give any teller who gives me a lollipop four stars." Comparing banks to the recruiting websites.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Masoli feature on ESPN

Here is video on Jeremiah Masoli that was originally featured during the Nov. 7th College Gameday and was re-broadcast on Sportscenter prior to the Civil War.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pac-10 Ranked Best Conference

Pac-10 was ranked the top conference this year by Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach. My only hope is that they show this by winning all 7 games they are favored in this bowl season. Going 12 for 12 in 2 years would be quite statement for the conference. See video below.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid-Week Links

It's Wednesday and Kelly has still not started the communication to reinstate LeGarrette Blount. Blount has been working on scout team the last 3 days of practice making many believe that he likely won't be reinstated for this weekend's game vs. the Cardinal. Obviously Oregon's still waiting on some of those "qualifications" to be met before starting the communication... Maybe a midterm grade or another counseling meeting?!? Who knows... I'm sure the Ducks will be fine without him...

Many are worried about a letdown after the big win over USC. Good thing Oregon's aware that would likely ruin the season.

Bleacher Report ranks Autzen Staduim as the #1 most hostile stadium to play in.
Another Bleacher Report ranks the Ducks as the #1 most unique offensive attack in college football.

So what would happen if everyone took a dive and Boise State and Oregon were battling for a national title spot? Here's a good rundown.

Here are some photos from Oregon's huge win over USC.

Frankly, I glad the Ducks are working on those high snaps from center. There have been a lot of plays that could have easily gone a different direction, literally.

Here's Moseley's practice update today.

The WAC hired a PR firm to help promote Boise State getting into a BCS this year. Last year Boise State was held out of a BCS game after running the table.

And my favorite link of the day... Here is who to root for (and against) over the next 5 weeks of the college football season if you're a Duck fan.

Go Ducks!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Quotes from the Weekend

"I don't know if we made a statement, this is just what we planned on doing, If it makes a statement, it makes a statement. That's just Oregon football and how we roll." - Jeremiah Masoli

"It was a real mess for us tonight, Oregon did everything that they wanted to do." - Pete Carroll

That was the first time ever, in the 14 years that I've been on the show, that a head a coach would be willing. We're happy if they'll come over and do an interview on the show, let alone put on a mascot head. I think that just speaks volumes about his approach and what he's doing here in Eugene. He really does a great job of not taking himself too seriously and at the same time having his team incredibly prepared. I think it was a lot of fun and brought a lot to the show." - Kirk Herbstreit

"It was a great game, a great game. It brings back a lot of memories of 2007. It's a different atmosphere with a night game, but it was a great, great, great day." -Dennis Dixon

"They did all the zone plays we'd practiced for. We got beat up up front. They kept hitting us in the mouth" -Taylor Mays

"That's the most relaxed I've been in my career" - Jeremiah Masoli

"They overloaded us and threw us off our game plan, and we missed our chance to stay in the game… We couldn't keep up with the fast-paced offense of Oregon, and we couldn't settle the ball. The Ducks' running backs had their way with us, and they were much too fast. It was a real mess with the running game; they outran us, and we couldn't make the tackles." -Pete Carroll

Among the most interested Oregon students watching the game was freshman Jackson Rice of Moraga, Calif. He is the Ducks' punter. He played one snap. -Ivan Maisel

"I walked back and forth a lot, just in case, my favorite games are the ones I don't have to play." -Jackson Rice

“I was telling them to speed up. I was like, ‘Go faster, go faster, they’re getting tired, they’re getting tired.’ And that’s what they did.” -LaMichael James

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What the &$%#@!!!

First some Husky fans pay $500 to change the lights on the Morrison bridge to purple and gold (Of course Canzano had to chime in)... And now I start seeing ads for "The Dawg Den" on Ducksportsnews.com? Are you kidding me?

3 words... Thank you Huskies! Cheers to reminding me why I hate you so much and making this rivalry fun again... You've been silent for way too long. Too bad it will be back to normal next year after your QB bolts a year early for the NFL.

In the mean time, keep telling yourselves this is a "trap game." I think we'll find out the truth on Saturday. Go Ducks!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day with Chip Kelly

Here's a great article from George Schroeder at the Register Guard that goes over one day in the life of Chip Kelly. Gives you a new appreciation for how much effort goes into the head coaching job... "Feeding the tuna mayonnaise"