Friday, August 29, 2008

Devil Dome Destroyed

ASU apparently has to start the season on a low note too. Arizona State's new 8.4 million dollar "Devil Dome" was literally blown away after a storm last night.

Doxey Helmet Sticker

Andy McNamara posted a picture of Todd Doxey stickers that will be on every Duck helmet this fall.

Rudy Leaves an Impression

If you didn't see the men's basketball gold medal matchup between the United States and Spain you not only missed a stellar performance not only from the US basketball team but a glimpse of what's to come for Blazer basketball in 2008. No, I'm not talking about Bayless or Oden, I'm referring to Rudy Fernandez. Nate McMillan was there to watch the 23 year old put up a team-high 22 points and was impressed to say the least.

"I'm sitting there (in the gold medal game) with a straight face, trying not to smile"

"Every time Rudy did something, D'Antoni would look at me and say, 'Your player, huh?' And I would be 'Yeah, he's cool' Like no big deal."'

If you didn't watch the game then you missed Rudy's dunk over Dwight Howard.

Duck / Husky Numbers

Here's are some interesting numbers going into tomorrows game...

  • 2003 - The last time Washington beat Oregon

  • 661 - Oregon's offense yards in the 2007 meeting between the Ducks and Huskies

  • 465 - Oregon's rushing yards in the same game

  • 446 - Average yards the Huskies gave up in their 2007 season

  • 251 - Jonathan Stewart's rushing total in the 2007 game

  • 113 - Andre Crenshaw's rushing total in the 2007 game

  • 99 - Dennis Dixon's rushing total in the 2007 game

  • 55 - Oregon's point total in the 2007 game

  • 39 - First downs Oregon had in the 2007 game

  • 34:23 - Oregon's time of possesion in 2007

  • 32 - Average points the Huskies gave up in their 2007 season

  • 21 - Points the Ducks outscored the Huskies in the 4th quarter in 2007

  • 10 - Number of freshman or sophomore said to be starting for the Huskies in this year's meeting.

  • 7.5 - Average yards per carry Oregon had against Washington in 2007

  • 6 - Total rushing touchdowns by Oregon in the 2007 game

  • 6 - Total Pac 10 wins in Willingham's 3 year tenure at Washington

  • 5 - Win streak if the Ducks win on Saturday (Most in Duck / Husky history)

  • 4 - Total wins the Huskies had in 2007

  • 0 - Total wins against the Oregon schools in Willingham's tenure.

Player/Coach Articles

The Register-Guard have released a ton of articles on specific players and coaches (1 Seattle Times article was included). It discusses their contributions (or potential contributions) to the team in 2008.

  • Zach Taylor was said to be the top long snapper in the 2008 recruitment class.
  • Talmadge Jackson III played all 13 games on special teams and in pass defense packages last year as a true freshman cornerback.
  • Eddie Pleasant has that special mixture of speed and size for a linebacker.
  • Brandon Bair looks to make a name for himself as a backup defensive end.
  • Bo Thran is looking to bounce back at left tackle after an ankle injury
  • Ed Dickson, the talented tight end, has more to show us in 2008.
  • Drew Davis, a true sophomore wide receiver, is quickly learning the position.
  • Remene Alston Jr. is ready to show more of his skills running back.
  • Chris Harper wants to show he can overcome injuries and inexperience at the quarterback position.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Husky Rivalry Links

John Hunt wrote an article on the Duck's preparation for the Huskies this year.

Nick, over at Off the Pond, recently posted a historical perpective on some Washington Husky stats and pleaded them to make the rivalry interesting again.

Moselely posted his Oregon-Washington predictions. Regardless of who's at QB I can't see the Ducks only getting 30 points on the board. Mr. Pac-10 predictions weren't that far off from my own. Here is Ted Miller's predictions for week 1.

While this is a cruical Pac 10 game for both teams, The Seattle Post described the urgency for the Huskies to pull out a win as it could possibly predict coach Tyrone Willingham's job security at Washington.

Can't wait to watch the Ducks make it 5 in a row and make history.

Go Ducks! Huck the Fuskies!

Blazers Sign Jackson

The Blazers signed free agents Luke Jackson, Steven Hill and Jamaal Tatum as the team gets closer to training camp. It is my understanding that Jackson is on a non-guaranteed contract.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Costa Out for Season

During surgery to repair some damaged cartilage in Costa's knee the Doctor's found his ACL was partially torn again. The procedure will keep Costa out for the remainder of the season and will be his third surgery on the same knee he originally hurt in high school. Rob Moseley has more information on the issue. Keep your head up Nate.

Honoring Todd Doxey

If you are looking for #15 Patrick Chung this weekend, you won't see him... Unless you are looking for #29...

Patrick Chung will wear #29 this Saturday and be the first Oregon Duck in honoring the death of Todd Doxey by wearing his jersey number. Todd Doxey was likely to be Patrick Chung's replacement after this year. Oregon will be rotating Todd's jersey to a different player each week.

In addition to a player wearing #29 each game, the team designed a helmet sticker they will be wearing in honor of the departed Doxey. The death of Doxey has not only pulled the secondary together, but the team as a whole.

Can't wait to see Chung wreck some Huskies in Todd's honor...

Rest in Peace Todd Doxey and Go Ducks

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Washington Perspective

I highly doubt anyone has ever said that Patrick Chung isn't a force to be reckoned with but Bud Withers with the Seattle Times reinforces that Chung is packs a punch.

Bob Condotta, another Seattle Times writer, wrote about the Husky seniors seeking to end a the four game loosing streak against the Ducks. If the Ducks win this year, count that a new record in 119 years of UW football. This quote makes me wonder what kind of Kool-aid they are drinking up there...

"The players don't like each other... They went to Oregon, we came to Washington. They wish they could have come to Washington"
Do they really? I highly doubt that our Oregon players wanted to go to a program that hasn't seen a bowl game since 2002.

Fun fact: Did you know Washington is 18 - 41 in that time span?

I don't think I've said it yet this week... Huck the Fuskies!

Justin Thompson Update

According to Rivals, 5 star defensive tackle Justin Thompson has finally figured out all his academic issues and is ready to head to Eugene. However, even if Justin arrived tomorrow he probably wouldn't hit the field for another few weeks while he learns the playbook and gets to know his teammates. Here's hoping that he's in shape. It is some much needed depth at the defensive tackle position.

RIP Kevin Duckworth

Kevin Duckworth passed away Monday while hosting a free basketball clinic for kids on the Oregon Coast, all while selflessly promoting the Trail Blazers. While Duckworth wasn't your impact type player in the late 80s and early 90s the Blazers would not have been as successful during that time period without his presence as the 5th man. Rest in peace double-zero.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Misc. Links Today

  • Kirk Herbstreit released his Eighth Annual Herbie Awards today. While the offense didn't make any of the position lists, the Ducks secondary had 3 of 4 players make the list. Jarius Byrd and Walter Thurmond came in 3rd and 4th (respectively) in the cornerback category and Patrick Chung came in 5th on the Safety category. Herbstreit also believes that Jamere Holland will be a household name by the end of September (That's as long as he can stay healthy), Nick Reed was mentioned a player that doesn't get enough respect and Chip Kelly was the #2 top player caller based on talent to work with. Some of Kirks picks were dead on while there were a few that brought a "huh? really?" For example, Herbstreit picked Arizona as his conference sleeper. Really? With good 'ole Stoops running that team? We'll see come December.
  • I'm sure you've all heard already but Costa is out for 8 - 10 weeks to remove some damaged cartilage from his knee. As I said early, I'm more than happy with the Ducks QBs.
  • Garrett was also dismissed from the team, apparently he also had some academic issues.
  • Ted Miller predicted that Coach Bellotti will win Pac-10 coach of the year.
  • It's over, I guess we should just crown UCLA the Pac-10 champion. Ted Miller had something to say about that and looks like only one person actually thought it was worth commenting on.
  • Ted Miller ranked the Pac-10 Schedules and Oregon ranked at 6th. Seems about right.
  • Oregon made 3 of 10 of the 2008 Pac-10 games to watch.
  • Keeping an eye on this weeks opponent Washington. Willingham is happy he finally knows which QB to prepare for and Locker says he doesn't know how to figure out health percentages.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stewart Impresses

Jonathan Stewart rushed for 100 yards on 10 carries with a long 50 yard touchdown run against Washington. It was definitely better than last week in his first performance since the toe surgery last where he only managed 3 yards on 4 carries.

Costa Doubtful, Roper More Than Able

According to Moseley, Bellotti said Costa is doubtful for the Washington game but he wouldn't rule anything out at this point. From what I've heard about Roper recently this doesn't bother me in the slightest. In the one series he ran in last Friday's scrimmage he led the ones on an 80 yard scoring drive. He was 3 for 4 for 61 yards and ran 25 yards in for the touchdown. While, Roper isn't the fastest guy on the field he is has a secret weapon... Chip Kelly. Kelly will make sure that the game plan and the offense work to Roper's strenths, not toward Costa's strengths.

I am happy with whomever makes the field this Saturday. Go Ducks!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Big Grin

Reading Andy McNamara's blog post today put me in much better spirts than yesterday with the news of Costa being hurt. Made me even more excited knowing I'll have the same type of grin come gameday next Saturday, regardless of Costa.

Topping USC?

Yes, it's been way too long since we've seen Jeremiah Johnson drop some potential tacklers on his way to the goal line. Maybe you forgot? Here's a reminder... here, here and here. And did you know that Jeremiah's Stiff Arm even has it's own Myspace page.

Anyway, now Johnson's not only talking about dropping his potential tacklers but stiff arming the Trojans off their podium. I'm sure some people have forgot that last years win over the Trojans was the first game in 45 conference games where the opposing team was actually favored (And they did it without Johnson). Do I think they can be favored again in 2008? Sure it's possible, but highly unlikely... Especially playing in the Colosseum where they had a 35 game home win streak prior to Stanford's win last year. However, you can't help but admire these guys for having huge dreams and aspirations.

The Trojan's haven't gone lightly in the past few years including last years Autzen win where a Matt Harper interception was needed to seal any deal of USC taking it to overtime. Stanford also beat them last year but were behind the whole game and needed a miracle pass on 4th and 10 by Tavita Pritchard to Mark Bradford with 45 seconds left. Oregon State beat them in 2006 but had to defend a last second 2 point conversion that would have tied the game. UCLA also beat them in 2006 with only 13 points (6 of which were off field goals). And their only loss in 2005 was the National Championship game where a Vince Young Texas team beat them with a rushing touchdown with only 19 seconds to play. That is 5 losses in 3 years... Pretty impressive.

I remember a few Ducks talking about winning a National Championship before the 2007 season and I couldn't help but say "yeah right" at the time. Oh how things have changed...

Again, do I think it is possible to beat the Trojans this year? Anything is possible. It definitely isn't going to come easy but if the players keep thinking they can run the table more I'd like to believe in them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deep Exhale...

So according to Rob Moseley, Costa may return as soon as this weekend. What I didn't like about this report is that testing may not come back until Sunday... Now hold your breath again.

Propaganda Machine?!?

I really hope that this isn't the truth about Costa and only part of Bellotti's so called "propaganda machine." All smoke and mirrors?!? Maybe (and, boy do we hope so). Very interesting and convenient that the very first closed practice (for secrecy) there is a potentially serious injury. I guess that would be one way to really trick the Huskies. We'll find out more soon enough...

Luke Jackson to the Blazers?

So I heard this rumor on 95.5 yesterday as well. Usually I wouldn't listen to the Bald Faced Truth for obvious reasons, but with Canzano in China and a Mariners on 1080, it was the obvious choice.

Husky Jokes

Here are two Husky jokes from Ryan W. and Jeff W. from last few year. If you have a good one, let me know and I'll post it.

The Washington Family

A family of UW football supporters head out one Saturday to the outlet mall to do their back to school shopping. While in the sports shop the son picks up an Oregon jersey and says to his older sister, “I’ve decided to become a Duck fan and I would like to wear this to school”...

The sister is outraged by this and promptly whacks him on the head and says, “Go talk to mother"…

Off goes the little lad with the Duck jersey in hand and finds his mother… “Mom?”

“Yes son?”

“I’ve decided to become a Duck fan and I would like to buy this jersey.”

Mom promptly whacks him on the head and says, “Go talk to your father!”

Off he goes with the jersey in hand to find his father… “Dad?”

“Yes son?”

"I’ve decided I’m going to be an Oregon fan and I would like to buy this jersey.”

The father is outraged and whacks his son on the head and says, “No son of mine is ever going to be seen in THAT CRAP!”

About an hour later they’re all back in the car heading home… The father turns to his son and says, “Son, I hope you learned something today.”

The son says, “Yes, Dad, I did."…

“Good son, what did you learn?”

To which the son replies, “I’ve only been an Oregon fan for an hour and I already hate you Husky bastards.”

Michael Jackson and Washington?

Q: What's the difference between Michael Jackson and the UW Program?
A: One lures kids into a fantasy world and uses them, is willing to pay millions to stay out of court, and has faded greatly over the years. The other is a musician.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Oregon & Washington

Sure, we'd all be naive to say that Oregon hasn't done anything to piss off the Huskies...

  • There have been numerous occasions of so-called "padding the stats" and "running up the score." In 1973, Oregon ran up the score on the Huskies ending the game 58-0. Only a year later the Huskies responded with a 66-0 win over the Ducks. Last year the Ducks rushed for a record 465 yards at Husky Stadium (at the time it was 192 more yards that Notre Dame had rushed all season).
  • The Ducks took Bobby Moore (now Ahmah Rashad) and Jonathan Stewart from their home state. Bobby and Jonathan were ranked by the Seattle Times as Washington State's 4th and 5th greatest running backs of all time (respectively).
  • Then there are the few occasions Huskies believe the Oregon and/or Oregon fans have ratted them out for recruiting violations.

Richard Linde a few years back wrote in a piece called "The Border War" that also does a tremendous job explaining and emphasizing why there is hate between the two schools. Most of which is reiteration in the articles and links above, but noteworthy none-the-less. Side Note: Oregon didn't actually win in 1951 with a score of 63-6, that was Washington.

Ted miller recently ranked the Oregon/Washington rivalry as the 3rd most bitter rivalry.

By the way... I'm sure most of you know that Ted Bundy was a Husky.

Go Ducks!

Oregon's Hatred of Washington: Justified

Even though these links were posted by RJ Schaer over at AOL Fanhouse before the 2006 meeting between the Huskies and Ducks, it doesn't make them any less relevant. RJ did a great job of breaking down the origins of the hatred between Oregon and Washington. It's nice to go back to these each year to remind us why their is such a hated rivalry between these two teams.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pac 10 Predictions

Ivan Maisel posted 5 Pac-10 predictions for the 2008 season and predicts that Nate Costa will be a star. His other predictions are fairly on par with my thoughts going into the 2008 season. However, one of the best things about college football is that you can never fully predict anything. I actually have mixed feelings about his #5. While I can't stand Stoops and would love to see him go it would be nice for him to stick around and keep the Wildcats mediocre for a few more years.

Nick's Pre-Season Coaches Awards

Nick over at Off the Pond (formally Blogging with B) mixes his humor and knowledge of the college football to do his 1st annual "Pre-Season Coaches Awards." My favorite is definitely the Mike Stoops Award for "Biggest Douchebag." I couldn't agree more.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The O Games

As usual, Rob Moseley has gone above an beyond with his coverage of Oregon football. I have read an article or two in the past about "The O Games" but never actually got to see how much fun these players must have on this day. It's great to see the players and coaches let loose and have some fun between the hours and hours of practice they put in day to day.

Sports Role Models

I have to admit, (in any sport) it is great when you have players that fans can respect not only as athletes but as genuinely good people. Such is the case with Terrence Scott (#8) a JC wide receiver who was thrown into action last year, abandoning his red shirt season and only having two receptions to show from it. Even though Terrence has only one year to play he has no regrets over burning his redshirt season... It isn't about him... It's about the team. Terrence Scott is the type of guy fans want to see succeed. People want to see him live up to his dreams and aspirations because his humble and selfless nature. All the best to Terrence Scott in his senior year, we'll all be routing for your success.

The Portland Trail Blazers have also done a tremendous job in the last few years with not focusing solely on talent (like in the early 2000s), but character to boot. I don't think I could name one person on the Blazer's roster that isn't a positive role model. Take Greg Oden for example. We haven't even see him play in a regular or even preseason game (yes, I know summer ball last year) yet the fans absolutely love him. Yes, he may have been the first pick of last years draft but after watching him in the media for the last year fans have come to realize we have more than just a good basketball player. How can you not look up (ok, yes he's tall) to a guy like this?

These are the articles I love to read because they just make you feel good about a team and it's players. Screw the Canzano's of the world who only create drama and controversy in their writing to heighten their careers.

Cold Prickly to the Canzano's of the world. Warm and Fuzzy to quality reporting, quality players, and quality teams.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

USC Gets the Itch

Are the USC players not using their trojans? Over at Every Day Should Be Saturday they even created a shirt design to go along with Southern California's "pre-dick-ament".

Gary Crowton: QB Genius?

Gary Crowton needs to get LSU's quarterbacks ready for play and considering they only have 2 scholarship QBs, he may have his work cut out for him. He's not worried... He's been through this before...

"I've been through that... We win the game because Brady Leaf was ready. You've got to get everybody ready just in case"

Interesting thought Gary. I seem to remember it a bit differently (as does history). I remember Brady couldn't drive the ball until Haberly's fumble recovery put Oregon up by 7. Yes, Brady completed some passes for first downs to run out the clock but I wouldn't necessary consider that "ready."

Is that also how prepared you made Dennis Dixon and Brady Leaf for the 2006 season? I can't wait to see LSU take a swan dive this year similar to every other Gary Crowton team in its second year.

Yes, I agree, he is an offensive genius (no joke, I do believe that). However, a quarterback coaching genius? NO. He's got a brilliant mind yet no way to completely educate his players with those thoughts/ideas. He lacks the "teacher" aspect of being a coach and considering you are coaching college kids that seems like a big portion of your position.
And I guarantee I'm not the only one with that opinion.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanish OR Chinese Basketball Team?!?

The Spanish Olympic Basketball team recently posed for an advertisement where they are pulling their eyes back to look more Chinese (aka slant eyes). Yet the Spanish say that they didn't intend to offend anyone.
I guess how I could see one or even a few people thinking that it was a good idea to pose in a picture like that and thinking... "what a creative, affectionate and funny way to promote the Spanish Basketball team playing in the Olympics (in China)." But a whole team??? I have to stand up and applaud the entire team for being so ignorant. Come on guys, you are on a world stage. Didn't one of you raise your hand and say that might, just maybe, be viewed as inappropriate? Maybe one of the coaches? No? Here's your gold medal (and not for Basketball)...
Though I might have expected this from the French.


Here are a few links that were sent by friends...

Who says Autzen isn't loud... A discussion on college football stadiums and their fans (especially students).

"It was like some sort of crazy torture in the movies... How do people do that so long without taking a breath? I think my ears are still ringing" - Adrian Peterson
To back that up here is a video of Autzen during Oklahoma's blocked kick at the end of the 2006 game to seal the deal for the controversial Ducks win.

Oregon also came in at #20 in deadspin's college football preview. On top of the 20 ranking the author shows some love to cheerleaders and uniforms.

"Off Topic: The swoosh is awesome."
and for you Beaver fans, finally someone outside the Duck community realized you got off easy last year...

"Yes, OSU has won two in a row, but last year took double OT with a fifth string Fr. QB and a hurried, missed 40 yd FG to seal the deal."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bellotti Goatee?

For years we have asked when Bellotti would grow back his mustache... While it's not a stache, John Hunt at the Oregonian says that Bellotti is sporting a new goatee...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ludicrous Speed Huh?

Ivan Maisel created a top 10 list of teams that use their speed to their advantage. Where did the Ducks rank in this list? Oh... only #1.

He also wrote another article on the spread and how it has really sped up a teams offense. An interesting tid bit regarding Oregon is that apparently the other coaches didn't want to speed up the offense and Bellotti overruled that vote.

Miller's Best/Worst Case Scenarios

Ted Miller over at ESPN is going through each teams best and worst case scenarios for 2008. As Moseley points out, you have to like Miller's thoughts on the Ducks this season. A national title or 5-7??? Not bad, not bad at all...

"Ludicrous speed" it is...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

2008 Oregon Football Media Guide

The 2008 Oregon Football Media Guide was just posted on For those into players, stats, the upcoming season, etc... look no further.

Football Notes

Jason Vondersmith from the Portland Tribune wrote a good article that discusses some of the potential impact players this year and some other general notes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Scoreboard Update

According to Rob Moseley's video the new DuckVision is up and running. I feel sorry for those fans on the other side of the stadium, they'll never get to see the highlights (that is sarcasm folks)... That thing is huge!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Best-Kept Secret: Chip Kelly

Bruce Feldman from ESPN The Magazine released his top 10 best-kept secrets in college football. Oregon's Chip Kelly topped the list at #1. Kelly truly turned some heads last year with his innovative and intriguing offense. Oregon fans even started talking about Kelly as the next head coach when Bellotti was listening to UCLA regarding their open coaching position. Shows you he made quite the splash in his first year as Oregon's offensive coordinator.

According to Rob Moseley the other day, Kelly

"doesn't have specific long-term plans, but that he would like to be a head coach someday. It would have to be the right situation; he's not going to take any old job just to say he's the head guy. But if the right job opens up a year from now, he acknowleged, he might take it. On the other side of the coin, he could be here '25 more years' if the right situation doesn't come up."
If this year plays out like many Duck fans believe it will I expect that opportunity to come knocking. Maybe not this year, nor next year, but definitelly sooner than 25 years from now. I was happy to see that when Rob asked about the potential to leave for another coordinator position he said it wasn't likely (However, would likely follow Bellotti if he were to head to another program).

Saturday, August 2, 2008

NBA's Top Trios

Chris Broussard at EPSN ranked some of the NBA's top trios. There is a little love for Blazers Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden toward the bottom. I'm guessing this trio wasn't ranked higher due to Greg Oden not playing last year. Though, it is quite the prediction Chris throws out there.

JC Linebacker Transfer

Just in time for fall camp Ducks picked up a big time junior college linebacker. Here's a good article from Bob Rickert at Oregonlive on Tyrell Irwin a 4 star linebacker from Mt. San Antonio JC. It's pretty exciting to get a proven JC linebacker that still has 3 years to play 3.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rey Maualuga's Secret?

For a linebacker who is known for his huge hits, he sure knows how to fem it up.