Saturday, December 19, 2009

Masoli feature on ESPN

Here is video on Jeremiah Masoli that was originally featured during the Nov. 7th College Gameday and was re-broadcast on Sportscenter prior to the Civil War.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pac-10 Ranked Best Conference

Pac-10 was ranked the top conference this year by Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach. My only hope is that they show this by winning all 7 games they are favored in this bowl season. Going 12 for 12 in 2 years would be quite statement for the conference. See video below.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid-Week Links

It's Wednesday and Kelly has still not started the communication to reinstate LeGarrette Blount. Blount has been working on scout team the last 3 days of practice making many believe that he likely won't be reinstated for this weekend's game vs. the Cardinal. Obviously Oregon's still waiting on some of those "qualifications" to be met before starting the communication... Maybe a midterm grade or another counseling meeting?!? Who knows... I'm sure the Ducks will be fine without him...

Many are worried about a letdown after the big win over USC. Good thing Oregon's aware that would likely ruin the season.

Bleacher Report ranks Autzen Staduim as the #1 most hostile stadium to play in.
Another Bleacher Report ranks the Ducks as the #1 most unique offensive attack in college football.

So what would happen if everyone took a dive and Boise State and Oregon were battling for a national title spot? Here's a good rundown.

Here are some photos from Oregon's huge win over USC.

Frankly, I glad the Ducks are working on those high snaps from center. There have been a lot of plays that could have easily gone a different direction, literally.

Here's Moseley's practice update today.

The WAC hired a PR firm to help promote Boise State getting into a BCS this year. Last year Boise State was held out of a BCS game after running the table.

And my favorite link of the day... Here is who to root for (and against) over the next 5 weeks of the college football season if you're a Duck fan.

Go Ducks!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Quotes from the Weekend

"I don't know if we made a statement, this is just what we planned on doing, If it makes a statement, it makes a statement. That's just Oregon football and how we roll." - Jeremiah Masoli

"It was a real mess for us tonight, Oregon did everything that they wanted to do." - Pete Carroll

That was the first time ever, in the 14 years that I've been on the show, that a head a coach would be willing. We're happy if they'll come over and do an interview on the show, let alone put on a mascot head. I think that just speaks volumes about his approach and what he's doing here in Eugene. He really does a great job of not taking himself too seriously and at the same time having his team incredibly prepared. I think it was a lot of fun and brought a lot to the show." - Kirk Herbstreit

"It was a great game, a great game. It brings back a lot of memories of 2007. It's a different atmosphere with a night game, but it was a great, great, great day." -Dennis Dixon

"They did all the zone plays we'd practiced for. We got beat up up front. They kept hitting us in the mouth" -Taylor Mays

"That's the most relaxed I've been in my career" - Jeremiah Masoli

"They overloaded us and threw us off our game plan, and we missed our chance to stay in the game… We couldn't keep up with the fast-paced offense of Oregon, and we couldn't settle the ball. The Ducks' running backs had their way with us, and they were much too fast. It was a real mess with the running game; they outran us, and we couldn't make the tackles." -Pete Carroll

Among the most interested Oregon students watching the game was freshman Jackson Rice of Moraga, Calif. He is the Ducks' punter. He played one snap. -Ivan Maisel

"I walked back and forth a lot, just in case, my favorite games are the ones I don't have to play." -Jackson Rice

“I was telling them to speed up. I was like, ‘Go faster, go faster, they’re getting tired, they’re getting tired.’ And that’s what they did.” -LaMichael James

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What the &$%#@!!!

First some Husky fans pay $500 to change the lights on the Morrison bridge to purple and gold (Of course Canzano had to chime in)... And now I start seeing ads for "The Dawg Den" on Are you kidding me?

3 words... Thank you Huskies! Cheers to reminding me why I hate you so much and making this rivalry fun again... You've been silent for way too long. Too bad it will be back to normal next year after your QB bolts a year early for the NFL.

In the mean time, keep telling yourselves this is a "trap game." I think we'll find out the truth on Saturday. Go Ducks!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day with Chip Kelly

Here's a great article from George Schroeder at the Register Guard that goes over one day in the life of Chip Kelly. Gives you a new appreciation for how much effort goes into the head coaching job... "Feeding the tuna mayonnaise"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chip Kelly on ESPN

Watch more ESPN videos on AOL Video

Breaking Down Some Numbers

I've heard some arguments recently how Oregon hasn't proved themselves in the Pac-10 yet because the teams they've beat are 0-8 in the Pac... But the teams the Beaver's have beat in the Pac-10 are 4-2! I thought I'd look into the 0-8 and 4-2 a little more... because numbers can be deceiving the way you use them.

First and foremost, 3 of those 8 losses are to OREGON!

The remaining 5 are all respectable losses:
2 - USC (who has won the Pac-10 the last 7 YEARS!)
2 - Stanford (who started 3-0 in the Pac-10 before losing to OSU)
1 - Arizona State (who may only be 1-1 in conference but despite how bad ASU has been playing this year... this loss was by Washington State)

Washington State has a bye and Cal & UCLA are playing each other this weekend. That means despite what happens, that 0-8 record will only be 1-9 after this weekend. Still sounds bad, huh?

Let's take this same logic and apply it to the Beavers... The teams they've beat have a record of 4-2 in the Pac-10 (Or 4-0 if not including the Beavers)... Sounds much better than Oregon's 0-8, right?!?

Let's take a look at those 4 wins from Oregon State's opponents (Plus 3 of the 4 are Stanford's wins).
2 - Washington State (enough said)
1 - Washington (Yes respectable this year... but they are still the team that went 0-12 last year).
1 - UCLA (respectable)

Oregon State's conference loss is to Arizona, a team that is 3-2 or 1-1 in conference (that 1 win being over Oregon State and one loss being to... Washington).

So what'd we learn from that exercise?!? Not much, not much at all... but since I'm already this far...

For $hits and giggles, let's take a look at Oregon's non-conference opponents... They are 11-6 (or 10-4 if not including Oregon). So far this season all of Oregon's opponents are 18-15 (or 17-10 if not including Oregon).

***If you exclude the two patsies (Washington State and Purdue whom only have 1 win each and are likely not to beat more than anther team or two) you are looking at an opponents record of the other 4 teams at 16-5 (or 15-2 if not including Oregon).

Take a look at Oregon State's non-conference opponents... They are 10-8 (or 9-6 if not including Oregon State). So far this season all of Oregon State's opponents are 20-14 (or 18-10 if not including Oregon State).

***If you exclude the two patsies (Portland State and UNLV whom only have 2 wins each) you are looking at an opponents record of the other 4 teams at 16-6 (or 14-4 if not including Oregon State).

Both teams seem fairly equal when you break them down like that...

Oregon's Non-conference Schedule (excluding UofO): 11-6 (10-4)
OSU's Non-conference Schedule (excluding OSU) : 10-8 (9-6 )

Oregon's Overall Schedule (excluding UofO): 18-15 (17-10)
OSU's Overall Schedule (excluding OSU) : 20-14 (18-10)

Oregon's Overall Schedule w/o patsies (excluding UofO): 16-5 (15-2)
OSU's Overall Schedule w/o patsies (excluding OSU) : 16-6 (14-4)

So after this long and extensive look at this... Just what have we learned? Mainly that the numbers don't matter yet and won't make complete sense until the end of the season when everyone has had a chance to play one another... Plus I pretty much just wasted 15 minutes of my life... And you wasted 5 for reading this (but what else do you have to do on a bye week?!?).

Nonetheless... bring on the rest of the schedule...
Go Ducks!

Crazy Fans

I would really like to see the followup video where this guy gets jumped for being such an idiot. Yeah, you sure told Spurrier...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boondock Saints: All Saints Day

Finally, after 10 years after the release of the original Boondock Saints, the sequel will be released in select theaters on Oct. 30th. Here's a link to the trailer. They will have a link to theater listings in the future.

Arrested Development Movie Update

So it's finally in happening... After waiting for all the main actors to jump on board, Mitchell Hurwitz and Jame Vallely are now working on the screenplay for the future film. Production is likely to begin in the Spring.

New Facilities & More

If you haven't been to for a while you probably haven't noticed there are some new videos up.

First 2011 Ducks Recruit

Ducks just picked up their first recruit for 2011 recruiting class. Running back Tyson Coleman is 6'2", 200lbs and from Lake Oswego High School. He is considered a 4 star on scout and has yet to be rated on Rivals. He already had offers from Oregon State and Washington.

This is only a week after picking up Nick Rowland last week. He's a 6'5", 300lb 4 star (on both Rivals and Scout) offensive guard from Peoria, Arizona. Ranked as the 3rd (Scout) or 7th (Rivals) best player at his position.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So typically this isn't the type of thing I would post for this blog but it really stood out to me when I came across it yesterday. I guess you could say this could apply to anything in life... including how you perceive your sports teams.

Your attitude impacts your life. Your attitude is more important than how intelligent you are. It is more important than your talents, your giftedness or skills. It is more important than your failures and than your successes. It is more important than what other people think or say or do. You cannot change the past. You cannot control what others do. The only think you can do is control your own attitude.

The remarkable thing is you have a choice every day regarding the attitude you will embrace for that day. Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kelly: A Man Of His Word

Despite Oregon struggling during the first 3 games of the year (and the first 3 games under Kelly's tenure), the Ducks are 2-1 heading into a scary matchup with Cal this weekend.

It's understandable that Kelly has been getting a bit of scrutiny (despite the 2-1 start) because of some of the issues the team has had the last 3 games. But the Ducks are still finding a ways to win... Plus, I dare you to tell me this article doesn't silence, or at least soften, some of your bitching.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Worried about the Ducks?

Back in 1994, Oregon started the season 1-2... You know what happened after that. Former Oregon QB Danny O'Neil explains why not to count the Ducks out quite yet.

Weekend Predictions

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Links

George Schroeder wrote a great article on reducing expectations yet not being surprised with this Oregon team if they develop into their new roles.. At this point, who knows what the Ducks will do.

Going into the Utah game, here are some defensive numbers.

If you didn't know, Oregon picked up two North Carolina recruits last week. Here's an interesting article on them and recruiting nationally.

While Oregon's opponents have been tougher, Utah is riding into this week's game with a 16 game winning streak.

Blount debuted on the scout team this morning. After breaking up last week's scrum and now practicing with the scout team I believe Blount deserves some much needed respect for rising above the Boise disaster.

Oregon is trying to work Ed Dickson into the offense more after only having 3 catches for 17 yards.

Oregon will likely play the Washington State Cougars at 6:15pm now so that if the game isn't picked up for two of the television windows it can be played on Oregon Sports Network.

Here is this week's football release for Utah.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Uniform Selection

What should Oregon wear (or not wear) with this interactive website. I just want the Ducks to wear something they'll win in this weekend.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel responds to the LeGarrette Blount incident.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Huge Commitment Today

Chris McCain, a 4 star (rivals)/3 star (scout) linebacker recruit from Greensboro, NC, committed to the Ducks today on national TV. McCain is from the same school as Remene Alston. See the video here.

Clever Advertising

In The "Not So" Distant Past

It was only back in 2003 when Kellen Huston, a University of Nebraska walk-on junior, hit a fan and it was all caught on tape. What was Kellen's punishment you may ask? One game.

That fan was not only hit but he was flat knocked out and dropped to the ground. Makes you think.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Moving On

Ted Miller just posted this article on how the Ducks are ready to move on and what happened (and didn't happen) last Thursday.

Onto Purdue...

Getting Over It

In the wake of Thursday's "melee" all Duck fans, Boise fans, and the national media have had time to dwell on what happened. We've all had time to set aside our emotions of a horribly played game by the Ducks (that ended even worse) and look at things with some more rational thought. Boise played their hearts out and had one hell of a game, I'm not discrediting them one bit for that.

Yes, I still believe what Blount did was wrong. I felt sick and embarrassed as a Duck fan watching that tirade. Though I have to wonder if this hadn't been the kick off to the college football season, would the results and the media coverage been the same? Looking at it now, a few days later, was Blount's punishment too harsh? Did Oregon act too quickly because of the media coverage or take the easy way out?

Plus, has the instigator of it all, Byron Hout, treated like he barely had anything to do with the outrage that ensued? Will Hout really learn anything after this is all over or is Peterson failing to set the right example?

Even the new Pac-10 Commissioner, Larry Scott, called the WAC's Commissioner, Karl Benson and asked him to get involved since all Hout is only going to receive some "personal time" during the week with his coach. But Peterson and Benson defended their decision not to suspend Hout.

Sure everyone has their own opinion and who is to say one is right and the other is wrong. I'm happy Oregon reacted swiftly but I do believe the punishment was a tad harsh. The media blew things out of proportion as it had nothing better to do on Friday besides wait for college football to really kick off Saturday. I am proud that, rather than throwing Blount aside, the team will allow him to practice and prepare him for the NFL. Even having him talk with sports figures who have gone through the same experience. Should Blount decide to transfer to a division 2A school, I'll wish him the best of luck. As for Hout, in addition to the nice clock to the jaw, I believe something needed to be done publicly besides some internal disciplinary actions. If it weren't for him, the dominoes wouldn't have started to fall. But that's one man's opinion.

Regardless of the loss, I had a great time in Boise. Most fans were very nice with the exception of a few. But that is to be expected as a visitor to any away stadium... even for those visiting Autzen.

I'm glad it's over, I'm happy the national media has had other college football to focus on and I'm ecstatic there are still 11 games left! Remember Duck fans, that was a game the Ducks were "supposed to" lose... First games are meant to be sloppy and it's only up from here. The Ducks may be without their starting running back but the season's still just beginning.

All the best to LeGarrette, I'll be rooting for you too.

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boise State's Blind Side

Apparently Boise State will be starting a former walkon at tackle who hasn't played in an actual game for almost 5 years. He's a redshirt freshman but to his credit, the guy is 22 years old. Though he'll be guarding Kellen Moore's blind side against Will Tukuafu. That's a hell of a first start Michael.

A Little Civil War (and Boise State) Humor

Nick from Off The Pond goes Off The Pond and wrote a piece for The Norman Einsteins, Sports & Rocket Science Monthy college football preview regarding this year's Civil War (towards the bottom). There is also a funny peice on the Oregon vs. Boise State game at the top from One Bronco Nation Under God. Good work as usual Nick.


Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Notre Dame hasn't even played one game yet this year and Weis already has some more pressure to win.

Michigan's Rodriquez got accused by his players for working them too hard. Maybe someone should tell the players that a 3-9 season isn't acceptable at Michigan.

A Little Break

With all the Duck related articles out there right now I've been having trouble keeping up... I have 24 hours and 10 minutes until my flight to Boise and Duck's kickoff has pretty much been the only thing on my mind... Though here's a good article on the Blazers and Rip City Revival if you need to consume your mind on something else... at least for a few minutes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cliff Harris a Duck

Cliff Harris has apparently passed through the NCAA clearinghouse and is now a Duck!

NY Times Quad Countdown

Want an extensive preview of the Ducks? The New York Times Quad Countdown has the Ducks at #12. For your reading pleasure...

Looking Forward to College Football?

If the answer to that question is yes, check out Gump For Heisman's "10 Things To Look Forward To This College Football Season"

Yes, I know, this is a year old... but funny nonetheless.

Here is this year's list... "10 More Things To Look Forward To This College Football Season".

"According to 1980's movies, you should be reading this article from a goddam space pod hovering above your other space pod in front of your robotic dog while your robotic maid reaches in your lap and rubs one out into a robotic hand towel... Instead, you have an iPhone. Yabba dabba do."

Monday, August 24, 2009

What We've Missed the Last Few Days

And in Blazer News... The Blazer's signed Dante Cunningham Friday. Plus... here is a transactions flow chart.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Autzen Loud... Nah...

Michigan's Big House is being remodelled and the result will be louder than any stadium in the country... "Unless it's Oregon."

Kelly is in Charge

If you guys haven't seen Ted Miller's blog yesterday about his observations during his visit to Eugene and Kelly's new "tazer" position... They are both worth a read... I think it's going to be a fun season...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching Up with Boise State

ESPN's preview of the Broncos has Herbstreit picking the Broncos to beat Oregon and go 13-0.

Here's an article about Jeremiah Masoli from an Idaho newspaper.

One Idaho blogger says he disagrees with the ESPNs biggest question mark for the Broncos being the replacement of Ian Johnson. He believes it will be the offensive line, followed by the interior defensive line.

Offinsive line play may be a concern likely because the loss of Cory Yriarte,who was competing for the starting job at guard and the backup spot at center, for the entire season with a knee injury.

Interior defensive a concern due to the loss of DT Greg Grimes who will miss four to six weeks with a leg injury. While Grimes was said to be a backup, another DT, Michael Atkinson, was arrested for a DUI and suspended for a few games. This leaves the Broncos without much of a rotation come Sept. 3rd.

Despite all this, one fan believe that the Bronco's interior defensive line and offensive lines are solid and have depth.

As many of you know, Chris Peterson was the Ducks receivers coach for 6 years (starting in 1995). Here's a video of Chris talking briefly about his friends still at Oregon and answering some other questions about his team.

The New York Times reviewed Boise State at #17 in their Quad Countdown and believes that it will severely underrate the Broncos probably again this year (as they did last year). The writer believes that Oregon will win in Boise but if the Broncos were to sneak past the Ducks they would likely go 12-0.

Oregon and Boise State will discuss future series between the two teams.

Mike Hayes at Sporting News picks the Ducks over Boise State.

Preseason Watch Lists

John Hunt at the Oregonian posted all the award watch lists (for the Ducks) in one place.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bryce Brown Investigation

The fact that Bryce Brown is now being investigated to see if his amateur status has been violated does not surprise me in the least... Especially considering his relationship with Brian Butler. The article doesn't quite describe the consequences for Brown if he were found ineligible. However, Butler does say he'd take responsibility and feel "terrible" if Brown was ineligibile for any games... So don't worry Bryce, you'll be ok.

Ducks at #15 on the SolidVerbal

Dan of the Solid Verbal reviewed the Ducks as his team in the 15th spot in their August countdown. That video at the end will make me smile till the day I die.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Motivational Videos

If you haven't taken a look at recently, they uploaded a bunch of motivational videos... If these don't get you ready for football season... I don't know what would.

Oregon's Own College Football Guy

Photo found here.

I'm sure you've seen "The College Football Guy" and if you are a Duck fan, likely know he's a fan too. Here's an insightful and thorough interview with Dan Rubenstein on a Florida Gator fan site. It's good to see a Duck fan's (and Pac-10 fan's... for that matter) opinions on an SEC site. Thanks Dan!
Dan now co-hosts "The Solid Verbal". If you'd like to hear the podcasts which include Oregon... click here.

Week 2 of Fall Practice

Week 2 of fall practice ended with scrimmage and Addicted to Quack had another "Oregon Ducks Elevator" to explain the "ups and downs". According to Addicted to Quack, Blount's been knocking on the penthouse door, check out this video from the scrimmage...

Also, Curtis White, an Oregon DE recruit for 2010 just got his 5th star.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Running Back

According to both Scout and Rivals Dontae Williams, a running back from Aldine, Texas is ready to commit to the Ducks. Williams is listed as a 1 star (which means he hasn't been evaluated yet) on Scout and a 4 star on Rivals. Dontae and Darron Thomas played together in high school and it's said Dontae is one of the top 3 running backs out of Texas this year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pac-10 Coaches Awards

Nick over at Off the Pond posted this year's Pac-10 Coaches Awards. If you enjoy reading that hopefully FOTB (Fiance of the Blog) will return this year... Or is it WOTB now Nick?

Alamo Bowl

Apparently the Holiday Bowl will be getting a demotion and become the conferences bowl for the 3rd place finisher. The Alamo Bowl will become the conference's bowl for the 2nd place finisher offering $3 million per team and will take place January 2nd, giving the Pac-10 another post-New Years Bowl. San Antonio could be fun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheerleader Power Rankings

Bleacher Report has recognized the Duck's cheerleaders as #1 in their cheerleading power rankings...

SI Cover

Here is what the cover will look like...

And in response to the many comments... Yes, the Ducks (and Beavers) did grace the cover of Sports Illustrated before the 2001 season (actually have it hanging behind my bar at home)... The same season the Ducks ended up 2nd in the National Polls after beating Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl while the Beavers dropped out of national recognition. Maybe there isn't such thing as the SI curse... Each team will make it's own destiny


I'd like to believe there is no such thing as the SI curse...

Jeremiah Masoli and Jordan Holmes will be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated in the latest edition. Pretty cool the Ducks will get some regional recognition and show off the "lights out" jerseys... Hmmm... The last Duck to grace the cover... None other than Jason Fife after beating Michigan. Any good Duck fan knows what happened next.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucky Number #13?

ESPNs Power rankings were released today and the Ducks came in at #13.

Day 4

Scout has continued to cover practices throroughly. Today it was great news to hear that the players who stood out the most were OG, Mark Asper and DE, Kenny Rowe... especially considering what most believe to be the larger questions (Offensive & defensive lines) going into Oregon's first game.

Duck Sports News also has an interview with Jeff Maehl for your viewing pleasure.

Diante & Crenshaw

Here's a good article from Adam Jude at the Register-Guard on Diante Jackson's arrival in Eugene, Andre Crenshaw's return for fall practice and other tid bits...

Sounds like Diante's going to put on a fashion show by himself as his mom will dying his hair the same color combos as the team is wearing each week. Diante was also assigned the number 85 and pronounced himself 'the Ocho Cinco of college football — without the attitude.' I like this kid already.

26 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes till kickoff... Go Ducks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fall Camp Begins

So it's been a little while and we're finally through the lull of summer sports. As always, this is the time of year a lot of people get that itch for football... I'm no different.

Here are practice reports from the last three days. After reading these it's great to hear that LaMichael, Holland, Costa and others are starting to impress...

The Oregonian has been running a few practice interviews for those who don't have access to EDuck or DSA

Moseley also has an updated depth chart after the first few days of practice.

I have been hearing nothing but good things about what Chip's been doing down in Eugene since he's taken over as head coach. It's just little things like this that reassure me that he's got the team headed in the right direction and keeping them motivated.

Oregon is also a team that can schedule a date with destiny if it plays it's cards right this season.

Go Ducks!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ranking Non-Conference Schedules

Mark Schlabachfrom ESPN ranked the top 10 toughest and easiest non-conference schedules. Just so happens that Oregon's schedule ranks as the 3rd toughest schedule. While the Pac-10 doesn't have any other teams in the top 10 toughest there also isn't 1 team from the Pac that shows up in the many teams listed in the 10 easiest.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oregon's Facilities

If you haven't been to see, they recently added some videos to their facilities page. Oregon players give you a tour of the facilities they use on an everyday basis.

Carroll At It Again...

Even though we as Oregon fans have a hatred for Neuheisel it's great to see him sticking pointing "Pissy Pete" out. Is it me or does Carroll act just like a 2 year old when he/she doesn't get something they want? Grow up Carroll and pick your battles.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kelly Aiming High

Looks like Kelly is looking to make a splash with Oregon's last position coaching spot to fill. A little while back loos like Kelly offered Jon Gruden to become the offensive coordinator . I'm still thinking that having Bellotti coach the QBs during spring ball shows that Kelly won't hire just anyone to take over that open position.

'08 Oregon Football Video

Back in January I posted a link to a 2008 Oregon video. After I posted the video, it was password protected and the creator of the video he wasn't able to release the password to me. Oregon posted that same video here for all to see. Enjoy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Top Non Conference Games in 2009 came out with the Top 50 Non conference games. 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50

Not surprisingly, 2 of Oregon's 3 non conference games ended up in the top 15...
  • 12. Utah at Oregon, Sept. 19
  • 7. Oregon at Boise State, Sept. 5

Here are where other Pac-10 non-conference games ended up

  • 47. LSU at Washington, Sept. 5
  • 40. California at Minnesota, Sept. 19
  • 37. Arizona at Iowa, Sept. 19
  • 35. Arizona State at Georgia, Sept. 26
  • 28. Cincinnati at Oregon State, Sept. 19
  • 27. UCLA at Tennessee, Sept. 12
  • 25. Maryland at California, Sept. 5
  • 4. USC at Notre Dame, Oct. 17
  • 1. USC at Ohio State, Sept. 12

Year One

This movie has the potential to be amazing as long as the preview isn't showing all the funny parts.

Transition Begins

Here is an article from Moseley that goes over Kelly's transition to head coach. This article should ease some peoples thoughts on the coaching change.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Bryce Brown

Rickert elaborated on Bryce Brown's possible decision tomorrow and why Chris Harper might be in attendance. He's correct, it is both encouraging yet frightening that Harper will be in attendance. We'll know more in less than 12 hours.

Brown and Harper

One more day before Bryce Brown, the nations #1 recruit, makes his decision. According to Rickert at the Oregonian, it looks like Brown will likely choose Oregon or Kansas State tomorrow. It's also rumored that Chris Harper may be there for the press conference. If there hadn't been past rumors of Harper considering a transfer to KSU this rumor of his presence at the press conference would be nothing but encouraging. Though Harper did come out and say that those past rumors were false.

Though Buster Sports believes it's down to Oregon and Tennessee. Even goes so far to link a blog that said Bryce attended a Tennessee practice on Friday. Not sure why anyone would want to play someone like Kiffin but I guess nothing surprises me these days.

Either way I just love the fact that Oregon is mentioned in both of those. Big day tomorrow

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rivals 100

Oregon started off it's 2010 class well. The Rivals 100 was just released for the 2010 class and Curtis White, an Oregon commit from over a year ago, comes in at #72. Oregon's second recruit, Ethan Grant, comes in at #175 on the Rivals 250.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Which School Will Provide the Better Food?

Bryce Brown, the number one recruit in the nation, will be announcing what school he plans to attend on Monday. According to Brown's mentor, Brian Butler, Bryce will fast for an undetermined length of time to let God point him in the right direction. Bryce will likely choose between LSU, Oregon, Tennessee, Kansas State and Florida State. Clemson and Missouri appear to be out of the mix.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some ESPN Links

Greg Biggins from ESPN believe that Oregon is making some good impressions early for the 2010 recruiting class.

Bruce Feldman has LaMichael James as #5 of the top 10 newcomers to remeber for the 2009 season. Tate Forcier whom Oregon recruited heavily is #1 and Vaughn Telemaque (Safety @ Miami) whom was said to be an Oregon lock before Oregon stopped recruiting him coming in at #3.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Magnificent Seven

So why isn't the rest of the country hearing more about Brandon Roy? John Hollinger from ESPN is trying to get the word out about "The Magnificent Seven."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

News of the Weird

So I rarely watch the nightly news because of all the negativity but happened to catch half an hour tonight. I logged onto kptv's website to see if I could find the clip I saw of a young adult who was saved from a cave in Seaside by the incoming tide. This kid was so hammered that he could barely make out words or keep his face in the camera's view. I'm sure he made his parents proud.

Unfortunately I didn't find what I was looking for but here is what I did find... When did these people start taking smrt pills?

Woman gets caught breast feeding while driving.
Car thief gets caught after continuing to call 911 to brag that he was too smart to get caught.
Some bright 20 year old put a cat in his bong.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HORSE Contest

If you didn't know already, NBA All-Star Weekend will now be featuring a HORSE Contest. Too bad they aren't playing for Big Macs...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brown Interview

Hear what Bryce Brown had to say in him most recent interview about Oregon and the other schools currently recruiting him. Bryce will decide on March 12th.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Burgers and Beer

Burgerville in Salmon Creek, Washington has applied for a state liquor license. If approved and successful this may be expanded to the other 39 restaurant chains.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cubs Win!

Some things never get old...

Juco Cup

Oregon came in at #1 in the 4th annual Juco cup. That's even with Justin Thompson, Anthony Leon and Miles Wade having some eligibility issues (I think there was more behind the Wade and Oregon saga).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recruiting Stories

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holding Pattern

Some have considered the coaching situation in Eugene to be a holding pattern but it hasn't stopped the Ducks from trying to recruit the big name players.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rudy Videos

Here is a link with tons of Rudy videos to prepare everyone for the upcoming dunk contest. Thanks Brian.

Pick Me

Thanks for finding this Myron...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Senior Bowl

For those with a scout account Jeremiah Johnson was one player that was believed to help his draft stock in the senior bowl. JJ was the number one player listed though the numbers may not have meant anything.

Cream of the Crop

Take a look at this years Cream of the Crop, a list of the Bay Area's top 20 players based on their college potential, not for high school accomplishments. Currently there are 3 Oregon recruits and possibly 1 more depending how the Diante Jackson situation ends up.

In other recruiting news one of the nation's top cover corners, Cliff Harris, committed to Oregon yesterday. Here is some more info on his commitment and some coaching developments.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Preseason Rankings

Here are two more preseason rankings. ranks the Ducks at #6 to start the season while SI's Stewart Mandel ranks Oregon at #9.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Preseason Poll

With the Ducks coming in at #4. While this is great, I hope we are not getting too ahead of ourselves...

Boyd to Decide Soon

According to this article, Tajh Boyd, the nations 4th quarterback, will likely decide as early as Friday to what school he will attend. It comes down to Clemson, Ohio State and Oregon.

Byrd Flys Away

Jairus Byrd did not use his window to pull out of the NFL draft and will forgo his senior year at Oregon. Looks like the Ducks will need to replace both Byrd and Chung in the backfield now.

New RB Recruit for 2010

Ethan Grant from Coconut Creek, Florida is now listed an Oregon commit for the 2010 class. Ethan is 5-9, 170 and is said to have recorded several sub 4.3 40 yard dashes. In one article it says he is one of the fastest players in the state regardless of class. Ethan was already being recruited by UCLA, Florida, Florida State and West Virginia. This now makes 2 solid recruits for the 2010 class. Looks like the Ducks may have LaMichael James' eventual successor... He looks pretty solid here.

Rudy in Dunk Contest

According to Jason Quick at the Oregonian, Rudy Fernandez won the fan vote to be the 4th contestant in the NBA Dunk Contest. Rudy will be up against Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson and Rudy Gay. A formal announcement will be made today at 12:30.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coaching Continuity

ESPN's Mark Schlabach released a good article on coaching continuity/transitions. I begins discussing how Rich Brooks made sure the Oregon program was in good hands by asking that Mike Bellotti was handed the power. Now Oregon's done it again... at least named a successor. A program who is know for being inovative and original sure has done a lot of the right things in the past decade+ and it's good to see Oregon getting attention for more than our flashy offense and uniforms.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bayless Impresses

Jerryd Bayless impressed last night in the Blazer's win over the New Jersey Nets with a carreer record 6 for 9 and 11 for 11 from the line for 23 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Especially his huge dunk shown below.

Typical Petey

Picture taken from the LA Times

Picture above really says it all, doesn't it? Pete Carroll always seems to have a hissy fit when things don't go his way. Especially when his star quarterback, Mark Sanchez, opts for the draft early, despite his disapproval. Just solidifies my thoughts that Pete's mom and dad gave him every little thing he wanted when he had a temper tantrum. You know what Pete? F#$% You too. To quote the Rolling Stones: "You can't always get what you want."

Preseason Poll... Already?!?

According to this Boulder, Colorado paper the Daily Camera, Ducks rank 5th in their preseason top 5. 2 Pac-10 teams in that top 5.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Masoli For Heisman?!?

Andy McNamara started an interesting ball rolling regarding Jeremiah Masoli... Masoli for Heisman? While I believe that Masoli has come a long way in 4 months it's interesting to watch this thought spread through Moseley and Miller. I do like how the the Athletic Department approached this idea... On a blog. It's a very informal way of saying "we have this guy who has taken some amazing strides... watch him in the future" without spending huge dollars posting a huge billboard in New York or something equally extravagant. We'll see how this plays out the first few games of '09.

Byrd Enters Draft

Jairus Byrd submitted his paperwork for the NFL draft pool. If he chooses to stay, like Patrick Chung did a year before him, he has 72 hours from 12:01 Tomorrow (Friday the 16th).

Scout 300

The New Scout 300 was released recently. Look at some of Oregon's prospects/commits (and especially who winds up at #1 on both lists now)

  • #1 - RB Bryce Brown - Considered a soft verbal to Miami and a slight lean to Oregon. Potentially might visit USC now. Might wait until after signing day now. Was All-American Co-Player of the Game with Tajh Boyd.
  • #23 - QB Tajh Boyd - Considered an Oregon lean and it's between Oregon and Ohio State. Sounds like he might visit Clemson this weekend. Was All-American Co-Player of the Game with Bryce Brown.
  • #52 - CB Cliff Harris - Considered an Oregon lean but grades may be an issue.
  • #62 - DE Sam Montgomery - Said to be visiting Oregon on Jan. 30th.
  • #77 - OG Michael Philip - Says he is serious about all 6 school and will decide close to signing day. Has his last visit to Oregon State this weekend.
  • #156 - MLB Boseko Lokombo - Oregon Commit.
  • #221 - WR Adam Hall - Will be in Eugene this weekend.
  • #280 - WLB Michael Clay - Oregon Commit.
  • #289 - WR Diante Jackson - Originally committed to Oregon but changed to Colorado. It is still up in the air if he will wind up in Eugene.

There are a few other prospects that were listed as interested but no visits were currently arranged or made so it's highly unlikely.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post Season Games

The Ducks have good representation at both the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game. Patrick Chung, Jeremiah Johnson and Max Unger will be in Mobile, Alabama on January 24th for the Senior Bowl while Ra'Shon Harris, Nick Reed and Fenuki Tupou will be in Houston, Texas this Saturday for the East-West Shrine Game.

  • The East-West Shrine Game will be on ESPN 2 at 1pm PST this Saturday (January 17th).
  • The Senior Bowl will be on the NFL Network at 4pm PST January 24th.

Recruiting Update

Rob Moseley did a wonderful job here breaking down some of Oregon's current commits and some of their prospects.

Looking Ahead

Wide receiver Jeremy Childs, a junior from Boise State who had 5 receptions for 102 yards versus Oregon in 2008, will forgo his senior season to enter the NFL draft. Utah's cornerback Sean Smith and defensive end Paul Kruger will also both pass up their final season(s) of eligibility to enter the draft in April.

High Five

If Ryan Seacrest wasn't (unintentionally) funny enough ("Seacrest... Out"), he recently tried to give a blind man a high five.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rivals 100

The new Rivals 100 was released today and look who tops the list at #1... Bryce Brown, who is now listed as a soft verbal to Miami. Other Oregon recruits on the list are Cliff Harris at #41 who is considered an Oregon lean as long as he can get his grades together, Tajh Boyd at #51 who has stated it's between Oregon & Ohio State, and Michael Philipp at #66.

New Commits

Ducks picked up Linebackers Michael Clay (4* on Scout & 3* on Rivals) and JC Bryson Littlejohn (3* on Scout & 4* on Rivals) today. With Littlejohn, that makes 6 JC guys this year and gives me more hope that Bellotti might stay one more year, despite rumors that he may leave sometime after signing day and before spring ball.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Coaching Development

According to Moseley, Former Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin will be talking with Bellotti and Kelly at the coaches convention in Nashville about one of the job openings. The interesting note Moseley adds at the bottom is that Martin was also retained by Tajh Boyd's family to help him through the recruiting process.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I've heard rumors that Bellotti may be stepping down this year. Moseley doesn't seem to think so but... Yes, there have been rumblings outside of the few articles and all I want to say is... Encore!!!


One word Bellotti, one word... Encore!