Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cliff Harris a Duck

Cliff Harris has apparently passed through the NCAA clearinghouse and is now a Duck!

NY Times Quad Countdown

Want an extensive preview of the Ducks? The New York Times Quad Countdown has the Ducks at #12. For your reading pleasure...

Looking Forward to College Football?

If the answer to that question is yes, check out Gump For Heisman's "10 Things To Look Forward To This College Football Season"

Yes, I know, this is a year old... but funny nonetheless.

Here is this year's list... "10 More Things To Look Forward To This College Football Season".

"According to 1980's movies, you should be reading this article from a goddam space pod hovering above your other space pod in front of your robotic dog while your robotic maid reaches in your lap and rubs one out into a robotic hand towel... Instead, you have an iPhone. Yabba dabba do."

Monday, August 24, 2009

What We've Missed the Last Few Days

And in Blazer News... The Blazer's signed Dante Cunningham Friday. Plus... here is a transactions flow chart.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Autzen Loud... Nah...

Michigan's Big House is being remodelled and the result will be louder than any stadium in the country... "Unless it's Oregon."

Kelly is in Charge

If you guys haven't seen Ted Miller's blog yesterday about his observations during his visit to Eugene and Kelly's new "tazer" position... They are both worth a read... I think it's going to be a fun season...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching Up with Boise State

ESPN's preview of the Broncos has Herbstreit picking the Broncos to beat Oregon and go 13-0.

Here's an article about Jeremiah Masoli from an Idaho newspaper.

One Idaho blogger says he disagrees with the ESPNs biggest question mark for the Broncos being the replacement of Ian Johnson. He believes it will be the offensive line, followed by the interior defensive line.

Offinsive line play may be a concern likely because the loss of Cory Yriarte,who was competing for the starting job at guard and the backup spot at center, for the entire season with a knee injury.

Interior defensive a concern due to the loss of DT Greg Grimes who will miss four to six weeks with a leg injury. While Grimes was said to be a backup, another DT, Michael Atkinson, was arrested for a DUI and suspended for a few games. This leaves the Broncos without much of a rotation come Sept. 3rd.

Despite all this, one fan believe that the Bronco's interior defensive line and offensive lines are solid and have depth.

As many of you know, Chris Peterson was the Ducks receivers coach for 6 years (starting in 1995). Here's a video of Chris talking briefly about his friends still at Oregon and answering some other questions about his team.

The New York Times reviewed Boise State at #17 in their Quad Countdown and believes that it will severely underrate the Broncos probably again this year (as they did last year). The writer believes that Oregon will win in Boise but if the Broncos were to sneak past the Ducks they would likely go 12-0.

Oregon and Boise State will discuss future series between the two teams.

Mike Hayes at Sporting News picks the Ducks over Boise State.

Preseason Watch Lists

John Hunt at the Oregonian posted all the award watch lists (for the Ducks) in one place.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bryce Brown Investigation

The fact that Bryce Brown is now being investigated to see if his amateur status has been violated does not surprise me in the least... Especially considering his relationship with Brian Butler. The article doesn't quite describe the consequences for Brown if he were found ineligible. However, Butler does say he'd take responsibility and feel "terrible" if Brown was ineligibile for any games... So don't worry Bryce, you'll be ok.

Ducks at #15 on the SolidVerbal

Dan of the Solid Verbal reviewed the Ducks as his team in the 15th spot in their August countdown. That video at the end will make me smile till the day I die.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Motivational Videos

If you haven't taken a look at recently, they uploaded a bunch of motivational videos... If these don't get you ready for football season... I don't know what would.

Oregon's Own College Football Guy

Photo found here.

I'm sure you've seen "The College Football Guy" and if you are a Duck fan, likely know he's a fan too. Here's an insightful and thorough interview with Dan Rubenstein on a Florida Gator fan site. It's good to see a Duck fan's (and Pac-10 fan's... for that matter) opinions on an SEC site. Thanks Dan!
Dan now co-hosts "The Solid Verbal". If you'd like to hear the podcasts which include Oregon... click here.

Week 2 of Fall Practice

Week 2 of fall practice ended with scrimmage and Addicted to Quack had another "Oregon Ducks Elevator" to explain the "ups and downs". According to Addicted to Quack, Blount's been knocking on the penthouse door, check out this video from the scrimmage...

Also, Curtis White, an Oregon DE recruit for 2010 just got his 5th star.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Running Back

According to both Scout and Rivals Dontae Williams, a running back from Aldine, Texas is ready to commit to the Ducks. Williams is listed as a 1 star (which means he hasn't been evaluated yet) on Scout and a 4 star on Rivals. Dontae and Darron Thomas played together in high school and it's said Dontae is one of the top 3 running backs out of Texas this year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pac-10 Coaches Awards

Nick over at Off the Pond posted this year's Pac-10 Coaches Awards. If you enjoy reading that hopefully FOTB (Fiance of the Blog) will return this year... Or is it WOTB now Nick?

Alamo Bowl

Apparently the Holiday Bowl will be getting a demotion and become the conferences bowl for the 3rd place finisher. The Alamo Bowl will become the conference's bowl for the 2nd place finisher offering $3 million per team and will take place January 2nd, giving the Pac-10 another post-New Years Bowl. San Antonio could be fun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheerleader Power Rankings

Bleacher Report has recognized the Duck's cheerleaders as #1 in their cheerleading power rankings...

SI Cover

Here is what the cover will look like...

And in response to the many comments... Yes, the Ducks (and Beavers) did grace the cover of Sports Illustrated before the 2001 season (actually have it hanging behind my bar at home)... The same season the Ducks ended up 2nd in the National Polls after beating Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl while the Beavers dropped out of national recognition. Maybe there isn't such thing as the SI curse... Each team will make it's own destiny


I'd like to believe there is no such thing as the SI curse...

Jeremiah Masoli and Jordan Holmes will be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated in the latest edition. Pretty cool the Ducks will get some regional recognition and show off the "lights out" jerseys... Hmmm... The last Duck to grace the cover... None other than Jason Fife after beating Michigan. Any good Duck fan knows what happened next.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucky Number #13?

ESPNs Power rankings were released today and the Ducks came in at #13.

Day 4

Scout has continued to cover practices throroughly. Today it was great news to hear that the players who stood out the most were OG, Mark Asper and DE, Kenny Rowe... especially considering what most believe to be the larger questions (Offensive & defensive lines) going into Oregon's first game.

Duck Sports News also has an interview with Jeff Maehl for your viewing pleasure.

Diante & Crenshaw

Here's a good article from Adam Jude at the Register-Guard on Diante Jackson's arrival in Eugene, Andre Crenshaw's return for fall practice and other tid bits...

Sounds like Diante's going to put on a fashion show by himself as his mom will dying his hair the same color combos as the team is wearing each week. Diante was also assigned the number 85 and pronounced himself 'the Ocho Cinco of college football — without the attitude.' I like this kid already.

26 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes till kickoff... Go Ducks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fall Camp Begins

So it's been a little while and we're finally through the lull of summer sports. As always, this is the time of year a lot of people get that itch for football... I'm no different.

Here are practice reports from the last three days. After reading these it's great to hear that LaMichael, Holland, Costa and others are starting to impress...

The Oregonian has been running a few practice interviews for those who don't have access to EDuck or DSA

Moseley also has an updated depth chart after the first few days of practice.

I have been hearing nothing but good things about what Chip's been doing down in Eugene since he's taken over as head coach. It's just little things like this that reassure me that he's got the team headed in the right direction and keeping them motivated.

Oregon is also a team that can schedule a date with destiny if it plays it's cards right this season.

Go Ducks!