Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brown and Harper

One more day before Bryce Brown, the nations #1 recruit, makes his decision. According to Rickert at the Oregonian, it looks like Brown will likely choose Oregon or Kansas State tomorrow. It's also rumored that Chris Harper may be there for the press conference. If there hadn't been past rumors of Harper considering a transfer to KSU this rumor of his presence at the press conference would be nothing but encouraging. Though Harper did come out and say that those past rumors were false.

Though Buster Sports believes it's down to Oregon and Tennessee. Even goes so far to link a blog that said Bryce attended a Tennessee practice on Friday. Not sure why anyone would want to play someone like Kiffin but I guess nothing surprises me these days.

Either way I just love the fact that Oregon is mentioned in both of those. Big day tomorrow

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