Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Over It

In the wake of Thursday's "melee" all Duck fans, Boise fans, and the national media have had time to dwell on what happened. We've all had time to set aside our emotions of a horribly played game by the Ducks (that ended even worse) and look at things with some more rational thought. Boise played their hearts out and had one hell of a game, I'm not discrediting them one bit for that.

Yes, I still believe what Blount did was wrong. I felt sick and embarrassed as a Duck fan watching that tirade. Though I have to wonder if this hadn't been the kick off to the college football season, would the results and the media coverage been the same? Looking at it now, a few days later, was Blount's punishment too harsh? Did Oregon act too quickly because of the media coverage or take the easy way out?

Plus, has the instigator of it all, Byron Hout, treated like he barely had anything to do with the outrage that ensued? Will Hout really learn anything after this is all over or is Peterson failing to set the right example?

Even the new Pac-10 Commissioner, Larry Scott, called the WAC's Commissioner, Karl Benson and asked him to get involved since all Hout is only going to receive some "personal time" during the week with his coach. But Peterson and Benson defended their decision not to suspend Hout.

Sure everyone has their own opinion and who is to say one is right and the other is wrong. I'm happy Oregon reacted swiftly but I do believe the punishment was a tad harsh. The media blew things out of proportion as it had nothing better to do on Friday besides wait for college football to really kick off Saturday. I am proud that, rather than throwing Blount aside, the team will allow him to practice and prepare him for the NFL. Even having him talk with sports figures who have gone through the same experience. Should Blount decide to transfer to a division 2A school, I'll wish him the best of luck. As for Hout, in addition to the nice clock to the jaw, I believe something needed to be done publicly besides some internal disciplinary actions. If it weren't for him, the dominoes wouldn't have started to fall. But that's one man's opinion.

Regardless of the loss, I had a great time in Boise. Most fans were very nice with the exception of a few. But that is to be expected as a visitor to any away stadium... even for those visiting Autzen.

I'm glad it's over, I'm happy the national media has had other college football to focus on and I'm ecstatic there are still 11 games left! Remember Duck fans, that was a game the Ducks were "supposed to" lose... First games are meant to be sloppy and it's only up from here. The Ducks may be without their starting running back but the season's still just beginning.

All the best to LeGarrette, I'll be rooting for you too.

Go Ducks!

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