Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Quotes from the Weekend

"I don't know if we made a statement, this is just what we planned on doing, If it makes a statement, it makes a statement. That's just Oregon football and how we roll." - Jeremiah Masoli

"It was a real mess for us tonight, Oregon did everything that they wanted to do." - Pete Carroll

That was the first time ever, in the 14 years that I've been on the show, that a head a coach would be willing. We're happy if they'll come over and do an interview on the show, let alone put on a mascot head. I think that just speaks volumes about his approach and what he's doing here in Eugene. He really does a great job of not taking himself too seriously and at the same time having his team incredibly prepared. I think it was a lot of fun and brought a lot to the show." - Kirk Herbstreit

"It was a great game, a great game. It brings back a lot of memories of 2007. It's a different atmosphere with a night game, but it was a great, great, great day." -Dennis Dixon

"They did all the zone plays we'd practiced for. We got beat up up front. They kept hitting us in the mouth" -Taylor Mays

"That's the most relaxed I've been in my career" - Jeremiah Masoli

"They overloaded us and threw us off our game plan, and we missed our chance to stay in the game… We couldn't keep up with the fast-paced offense of Oregon, and we couldn't settle the ball. The Ducks' running backs had their way with us, and they were much too fast. It was a real mess with the running game; they outran us, and we couldn't make the tackles." -Pete Carroll

Among the most interested Oregon students watching the game was freshman Jackson Rice of Moraga, Calif. He is the Ducks' punter. He played one snap. -Ivan Maisel

"I walked back and forth a lot, just in case, my favorite games are the ones I don't have to play." -Jackson Rice

“I was telling them to speed up. I was like, ‘Go faster, go faster, they’re getting tired, they’re getting tired.’ And that’s what they did.” -LaMichael James

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