Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Like Stats? Part 2: Point Types and Margins of Victories

Keep in mind, these were taken since Chip's first year as head coach (2009) through last week's game @ Cal. (Hint: If you click on one of the graphs, you can scroll through all of them.)

Point Type Legend:
Green = Touch Downs
Yellow = Field Goals
Black = PATs
Grey = 2pt Conv
Point Type Per Season: ALL

 Point Type Per Season: TDs and Field Goals ONLY

 Point Type Totals Per Season

 Point Type Averages Per Season

Margin of Victory Legend:
Green = Oregon WIN
Yellow = Oregon LOSS

 Margin of Victory in Wins and Losses: Over

Margin of Victory in Wins and Losses: Between

 Margin of Victory in Wins and Losses: Each Game

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