Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pac-10 Expansion?

Is the Pac-10 really prepared to offer 6 teams from the Big 12 like this article from and this one from Rivals states? The Pac-10 is meeting this weekend in San Francisco to discuss the status of the conference and I heard earlier this week that they might propose something big... I just didn't think this big. I had also heard rumors that the Pac-10 might even suggest the addition of a Pac-10 network as soon as next week. Sounds like we might have a better idea of the Pac-10's intentions after this weekend.


  1. I grew up reading about the Ducks. Granted, I was just a kid living in the hills above the Columbia, but I loved the idea of a football team named "The Ducks".
    With all of the conference musical chairs that has happened this year, along with everything else, I find myself craving the simple pleasure of a simple ball game. I've gotten some Outback Bowl tickets and I'm looking forward to some time in Tampa. It's a nice town.

  2. Now that's funny, but I have to agree. The BCS system is messed up, but exactly how is beyond my pay scale. I got some Belk Bowl tickets for this December (hey, I live in New York, gimmie a break). Charlotte should be ok that time of year. At least it won't be raining. ;)