Thursday, July 31, 2008

College Fantasy Football

Not sure if any of you have ever played fantasy football (or any other fantasy sport). I stayed away until last year and then found it quite addicting. Managing your own team, drafting players, substituting those who are injured or not performing for someone else, etc, etc...

Recently announced plans to introduce fantasy college football this upcoming season. Sounds like there have been previous attempts but they were always those on the level of NCAA Football terms of player recognition. NCAA Football uses a player's real number and adjusts their skills according to those of the actual player. Though to avoid legal ramifications it has always stayed away from using a player's real name, instead allowing the gamer to plug in names manually.

According to the article, CBS found a loophole of sorts to allow it's fantasy league to includes a player's name. The NCAA will be looking at the issue next week to determine if their bylaws need an adjustment or if they should stand tall. This is a big step for fantasy sports and I in the long run I believe it would increase the viewer ratings of college football dramatically.

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