Sunday, July 20, 2008

New DuckVision?!?

Picture posted by merduck on Chat4Quacks
There are rumors on Chat4Quacks and Educk about a new HD DuckVision screen. Currently at the DuckVision screen and all the sponsor ads have been removed (see picture above) and talk has started about what will become of it. Some rumors say that will be a new HD screen, some say even the largest in the Pac-10 (beating the Beaver's new screen that was just installed before last season) and others go so far as to say that Autzen will have a light bar similar to those running around NBA arenas. Not sure if these rumors are true or if they are just performing some maintenance on the old screen. Only time will tell since UofO hasn't released anything on any plans for Autzen upgrades this summer.
UPDATE: 7/21/08 (4:17 pm) - Rob Mosely posted this blog today regarding the new DuckVision. According to his sources it will be 33' x 89' and, while it won't be larger than the Beaver's new screen, the video area will be larger. They are also adding 4 LED screens measuring 5' x 30.5' on each side of the tunnel.

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