Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goooooo Ducks!

Bellotti says that Kelly doesn't have an interview scheduled on Wednesday as previously reported.

Oregon's cheerleaders are getting some more attention.

Reed was named MVP and Jeremiah Johnson most inspirational player during Oregon's postseason awards banquet.

Here are some absolutely wonderful quotes from Oregon State fans.

Interesting tid bits from the Civil War...
  • The Ducks were 9 yards shy of beating Oregon State's most yards allowed in a game (Penn State - 454)... IN THE FIRST HALF.
  • 65 points were the most ever allowed by OSU

OSU... That was payback for 2000! For those of you who know Dolemite (I got this text from him)... "U should just walk around town and bitch slap Beaver fans because that's what the Ducks did last night"

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