Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching Up with Boise State

ESPN's preview of the Broncos has Herbstreit picking the Broncos to beat Oregon and go 13-0.

Here's an article about Jeremiah Masoli from an Idaho newspaper.

One Idaho blogger says he disagrees with the ESPNs biggest question mark for the Broncos being the replacement of Ian Johnson. He believes it will be the offensive line, followed by the interior defensive line.

Offinsive line play may be a concern likely because the loss of Cory Yriarte,who was competing for the starting job at guard and the backup spot at center, for the entire season with a knee injury.

Interior defensive a concern due to the loss of DT Greg Grimes who will miss four to six weeks with a leg injury. While Grimes was said to be a backup, another DT, Michael Atkinson, was arrested for a DUI and suspended for a few games. This leaves the Broncos without much of a rotation come Sept. 3rd.

Despite all this, one fan believe that the Bronco's interior defensive line and offensive lines are solid and have depth.

As many of you know, Chris Peterson was the Ducks receivers coach for 6 years (starting in 1995). Here's a video of Chris talking briefly about his friends still at Oregon and answering some other questions about his team.

The New York Times reviewed Boise State at #17 in their Quad Countdown and believes that it will severely underrate the Broncos probably again this year (as they did last year). The writer believes that Oregon will win in Boise but if the Broncos were to sneak past the Ducks they would likely go 12-0.

Oregon and Boise State will discuss future series between the two teams.

Mike Hayes at Sporting News picks the Ducks over Boise State.

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