Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fall Camp Begins

So it's been a little while and we're finally through the lull of summer sports. As always, this is the time of year a lot of people get that itch for football... I'm no different.

Here are practice reports from the last three days. After reading these it's great to hear that LaMichael, Holland, Costa and others are starting to impress...

The Oregonian has been running a few practice interviews for those who don't have access to EDuck or DSA

Moseley also has an updated depth chart after the first few days of practice.

I have been hearing nothing but good things about what Chip's been doing down in Eugene since he's taken over as head coach. It's just little things like this that reassure me that he's got the team headed in the right direction and keeping them motivated.

Oregon is also a team that can schedule a date with destiny if it plays it's cards right this season.

Go Ducks!

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