Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You

I have often commented about the negativity that has saturated today's media. It is the number one reason I would rather skim through the paper or peek at than tune into a news broadcast on tv. When it comes to reading, I'm able to filter what I read and what I don't. Even then, there is a lot of shit out there... See 95% of John Canzano's articles (Yes, I hate to admit, %5 of the time he actually has something decent to say). But when watching the news on tv, a person must watch each and every crap story they put on there. When did bad news become good news and visa-versa?!?

Anyway, in today's world it is great to see articles about some of our favorite sports celebrities visiting a child with cancer, mentoring younger kids, or honoring a fallen teammate. It makes creates an even deeper respect when you find that these kids didn't even seek publicity for their actions. Reporters like this should be commended for putting a smile on fan's faces rather than scowls.

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