Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Which Team Would You Like Oregon To Play?

Baring a huge upset, USC will win this weekend at UCLA and send the Ducks to the Holiday Bowl. There have been several bowl predictions on Oregon's opponent and it is likely to be either Missouri or Oklahoma State. Which team would you rather see the Ducks match up with on December 30th? Vote in the sidebar.

  • Missouri is currently 1st in the Big 12 North. Their 3 losses came to No. 14 Oklahoma State, No. 3 Texas and Kansas. They will be playing No. 2 Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game this weekend. Missouri averages 509.4 yards a game but 344.3 of those are in the passing game (leaving 165.2 in the rushing game). Currently the Tiger's offensive coordinator has taken the head job at Wyoming. Many of you have heard about their quarterback, Chase Daniel, who has thrown for 3880 yards and 34 touchdowns. Missouri's leading running back is Derrick Washington with 963 yards on 152 attempts and 17 touchdowns. The Tigers have 4 receivers/tight ends with over 500 yards receiving but the one you've probably heard of is Jeremy Maclin with 1175 yards & 11 touchdowns receiving and another 248 yards & 2 touchdowns rushing.

  • Oklahoma State is currently 4th in the Big 12 South. They beat Missouri 28-23 when the Tigers were ranked 3rd in the AP (Now ranked 20th in the BCS). However, their 3 losses came to No. 3 Texas, No. 7 Texas Tech & No. 2 Oklahoma. The Coyboys are currently ranked 14th in the BCS. They lead a balance attack averaging 256 rushing yards, 233.3 passing yards and a total 489.3 yards a game. Their quarterback, Zac Robinson, has thrown for 2,735 yards and 24 touchdowns. Kendall Hunter is their primary running back with 1,518 yards on 228 attempts and 14 touchdowns (plus 1 receiving touchdown) on the season. Their other running back, Keith Toston, has 658 yards on 94 carries and 9 touchdowns. Dez Bryant is their leading receiver with 1,313 yards on 74 receptions and 18 touchdowns.

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