Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pac 10 vs SEC

So I was planning on doing some research regarding the Pac-10 and SEC but a few people beat me to it here and here (and I'm sure other places).

One thing they didn't note was the home games. Where since 2000 the SEC had 8 home games while the Pac-10 had 7. If you include this year it would be SEC 8 home games and Pac-10 9 home games.

After last nights UCLA win over Tennessee, the Pac 10 is 10 for 6 since the turn of the century. But it is looking to be like 10 for 7 after Georgia visits ASU in a few weeks. Still, you take out the 2 conference powers (USC and LSU) the Pac 10 is currently ahead 6 - 2. Even if Georgia wins in a few weeks that would only make it 6 - 3. That is still a 66% winning record. Not bad at all.

Even Bob Rickert from the Oregonian believes that the gap isn't as wide as the media makes everyone believe.

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