Thursday, September 25, 2008

YOUR Fans?

The NUMBER #1 college football team IN AMERICA is coming to YOUR stadium. Espn will be in YOUR town for the 1st time EVER. YOUR game is only 1 of 2 games on national television on a Thursday night and the other teams playing are Southern Methodist and Tulane. YOUR team even pulled off the upset the last time this opponent was in town.

How do YOUR fans react?

By not selling out your stadium and at the last minute YOUR administration turns some of those tickets into student tickets so it's not THAT embarrassing. They have been discussing this issue on 1080 the past few days (and I'm sure on 95.5 as well... But I can't stand Canzano) and I've even heard Duck, Husky and Cougar fans calling in to admit they've bought tickets to go watch this game at Reser. Sad when your in-state rivals over-sell their stadium(attendance at the bottom) against the worst football team in the FBS.

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