Tuesday, September 30, 2008

USC Fans Jealous?

No, not of our football team. But our cheerleaders.

Make sure to read the comments. Here are just a few:

JamesUSC99 said:
"Now that the season has tanked from a football perspective, I'm at least excited to see the great Oregon cheerleaders. A big fight on to the Ducks!"

60614Trojan said:
Damn, there are a LOT of hot girls in that picture! A LOT! Quite a selection. They are going to really embarrass the USC Song Girls before a network audience, that's for sure."

TrojaninDC said:
"There are some seriously great abs on display here. Who knew that college cheerleaders were not required to be fat and ugly? Who knew that thick legs were not a mandatory requirement to be a college cheerleader in the politically correct 2000s? Who knew that cheerleaders were still allowed to be beautiful and thin? Hmmm.... Political incorrectness is alive and well in Eugene, Oregon. And I love it!"

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