Sunday, September 21, 2008

So What Now?

Wasn't that game like night and day? One moment the Ducks can't throw the ball and the next that is all they were doing. While the second and third quarters we just painful to watch, the fourth quarter made completely made up for that.

So what next? Thomas' redshirt was burned for what seemed like a horrible idea at the time but after watching Darron play, it completely made up for it. It is now apparent why Kelly continued to recruit Thomas even though he was committed to LSU at the time. It's even rumored that when Harper threw his last interception before being pulled Darron looked at Bellotti and told him to put him in. That is the type of player we want running our offense in the future. According to Bellotti, Darron Thomas and Jeremiah Masoli will be splitting snaps this week for the WSU game. They will now open the playbook up a for Thomas as he continues to learn the offense. People have to remember that Darron has been at Oregon since last January and has had more time with the play book, film room, etc. than Harper and Masoli. While I hate the idea of a "quarterback controversy," I can't help but think this is a good situation to be in. These quarterbacks will only push each other to be better and all hope will not fly out the window if another quarterback goes down for a season. We have to believe this stretch of bad luck will end sometime soon and I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

The end of that game made me excited for next year's matchup in Boise. Payback time.

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