Monday, October 20, 2008

BCS & Predictions

The first BCS poll came out yesterday and they obviously think very highly of the Pac-10 (or shall I say Pac-1). USC came in at #5 with not another Pac-10 team in sight. If you want to see some interesting rankings, take a look at's 1 to 119. The most interesting rankings were Washington State at 105 (somehow above 14 other teams) and Washington hasn't won a game but is 82nd (before a 6-2 Western Michigan team). The Pac-10 looks like this:

5. USC
34. Arizona
35. California
38. Oregon
40. Oregon State
52. Arizona State
68. UCLA
69. Stanford
82. Washington
105. Washington State

Moseley posted some bowl predictions. Holiday, Sun and Las Vegas... As a Duck fan, where would you want to go most? Of course Beaver's are still talking roses (and, of course, some trash). Hey Beavers, you are still only 4-3.

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