Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trojan Breakdown

Here are few links from the last few days regarding the Oregon/USC game this weekend:

If Saturday's game wasn't already a big deal every player, two players on each sideline will be playing for some brotherly pride.

According to Moseley, Rey Maualuga will not play this Saturday for the USC/Oregon game. He also posted some comments from Bellotti's Tuesday night press conference.

JTLight, at Addicted to Quack, believes that for Oregon to win, the Ducks must force the game into the hands of Mark Sanchez.

Nick, at Off the Pond, has reconsidered his original claim that Darron Thomas should be number 1 QB and now believes that Masoli will give the Ducks the best chance to win. He also had some good points to why this game against the Trojans is no different today than it was before OSU beat them in Corvallis.

Can Ducks do it again? I still believe it.

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