Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bear With Me... Predictions & Misc. Links

This weeks predictions from around the web...

  • Moseley believes this will be another close match between the two teams and will be dependent on Cal's linebackers (strength) and offensive line (weakness). Rob believes Cal will win it by 3.
  • Tristan at Bleacher Report believes his knowledge and faith in his team will lead the Ducks to victory, but it won't be easy.
  • Miller knows the Ducks can win on the road and knows that Masoli can beat Cal with his arm, not his legs.
  • Vondersmith at the Portland Tribune believe the game could go either way but Ducks will pull out the win.
  • The Sports Network believes to go with Cal as they have the home field advantage and the better defense.
My predictions:
  • Riley will be pressured. We will see mistakes and at least 1 interception.
  • Longshore will play part of the game.
  • Cal will have more yards throwing than running.
  • Oregon's offense will have over 400 all purpose yards but will fail to gain over 500.
  • Masoli will pass for over 200 yards.
  • Blount will have a 100+ rushing day.
  • Chung will have another sack.
  • Chung will get his first interception of the season (I will keep writing this until it happens).
  • Oregon will have 4 or more sacks.
  • Harper will have at least 3 receptions for 50+ yards.
  • For the first time since his switch to WR, Harper won't be the Ducks leading receiver against Cal.
  • Cal will score a touchdown after an Oregon turnover.
  • So will Oregon (off a Cal turnover).
  • The game to be within 7 points.
  • More points will go to Oregon.

In other news...

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