Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Predictions

Thought I would throw up a few quick predictions before I took off for Phoenix.
  • We will see 2 quarterbacks play and Darron Thomas won't see action.
  • Masoli will get the majority of the snaps.
  • JJ will have a 100 plus yards rushing.
  • Blount will score his 11th touchdown of the season.
  • Chung will get his first interception of the year.
  • Carpenter won't make it past halftime.
  • Carpenter will get sacked at least 4 times (even if he doesn't stay in the game past halftime).
  • Reed will account for at least 2.5 sacks.
  • Ducks will win the turnover battle.
  • Jaison Williams will have over 70 yards receiving.
  • Ducks will throw for over 200 yards.
  • Ducks won't hold ASU to under 100 yards rushing.
  • ASU won't pickup more than 350 total yards.
  • Both teams will score double digits.
  • Ducks win by double digits.

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