Monday, October 27, 2008

How'd I Do?

  • We will see 2 quarterbacks play and Darron Thomas won't see action. - Loss. 0-1. If it wasn't for such a blowout I probably would have got this one but Thomas saw action in the last 50 something seconds
  • Masoli will get the majority of the snaps. - Win. 1-1. Masoli played until the 4th quarter and basically solidified himself as the starter.
  • JJ will have a 100 plus yards rushing. - Loss. 1-2. Even though the Ducks had over 300 yards rushing, not one player had over 100 yards. Masoli had the rushing high with 85.
  • Blount will score his 11th touchdown of the season. Win. 2-2. Actually Blount scored number 11 and 12. I don't think anyone could have predicted that Mo Morris run for a touchdown.
  • Chung will get his first interception of the year. Loss. 2-3. Nope, the other 2 D-Boyz each had one though. One of Chung's hits did make Carpenter's nose bleed though.
  • Carpenter won't make it past halftime. Loss. 2-4. Somehow he played almost the whole game. I did love the "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" chants from the Oregon section.
  • Carpenter will get sacked at least 4 times (even if he doesn't stay in the game past halftime). Loss. 2-5. Oregon only recorded 2 sacks on the game (at least according to cfstats). I remembered 3 before half but apparently I was wrong.
  • Reed will account for at least 2.5 sacks. Loss. 2-6. Reed did not record a sack vs. Arizona State even though Carpenter was constantly pressured.
  • Ducks will win the turnover battle. Loss. 2-7. This was tied at 3-3.
  • Jaison Williams will have over 70 yards receiving. Loss. 2-8. Only 1 reception for 12 yards.
  • Ducks will throw for over 200 yards. Win. 3-8. Masoli completed 17 of 26 for 147 and Roper completed 4 of 4 for 86. Total of 233.
  • Ducks won't hold ASU to under 100 yards rushing. Win. 4-8. ASU had 107 yards on the ground.
  • ASU won't pickup more than 350 total yards. Win. 5-8. Whew... ASU got close but came up short at 333.
  • Both teams will score double digits. Win. 6-8. Final score 54-20.
  • Ducks win by double digits. Win. 7-8. Make that 34 points.

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