Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worried About Chip Kelly Leaving?

Many of you knew Kelly signed a 4 year contract in January that will keep him at Oregon through the 2011 season. But that didn't seem to make people believe that wouldn't keep him rushing off at the first sight of something even remotely better. However, according to Bellamy's article today, Kelly's does not only include his base salary and guaranteed supplemental package but additional incentive bonuses, product endorsements and retention bonus. Kelly could earn over $550,000 this year if he played all his cards right (not including his 100,000 signing bonus in January).

Unfortunately for many, Aliotti has some of these same incentives and is also on a 4 year contract.

Side Note: I love how Kelly and Aliotti each have $2000 riding on the civil war!

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  1. Maybe the NCAA investigation has turned up something. If so, great time to go!