Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Duck & Devil Problems

After reading Bob Clark's breakdown of Arizona State's problems you have to feel pretty good about Oregon's chances next weekend. While Duck fans and critics alike believe that Oregon has some major issues to resolve, it can't be as bad as ASUs problems... Only 3 trips to the red zone with nothing to show from it, a player restrained after going after an assistant coach and Carpenter with a broken bone in his lower leg (just to name a few)... yikes.

And even while there is another quarterback competition during the bye week, I have to admit that I was happy to see that Bellotti actually stick with Masoli for the whole game against UCLA. The qb swapping in the past has seemed to create nothing but inconsistency. Pick a guy and stick with him (at least for that game). When Clemens went down in 2005 it just seemed like every time one of the qbs was gaining some swagger they were pulled for the other.

Regardless of Masoli's passing stats from the UCLA game (5-19), I was fairly impressed with the way he played. Keep in mind that "the gameplan" was to run the quarterback. Sure, Kelly didn't want Masoli to run it THAT much but UCLA kept daring him to (Probably so the Weasel could hurt another quarterback this season). At least 5 of those passes were perfectly placed and dropped by a wide receiver or tight end and another handful were thrown out of bounds because Masoli didn't have anyone to throw to.

I like Roper's accuracy but I believe that the dual threat of Masoli gives the Ducks the better chance to win. Especially if the Duck receivers can actually catch the balls when they are thrown their way.

Ahh... College football at it's best... There is no way anyone could have predicted that in game 7 our leading rusher would be Jeremiah Masoli and our leading receiver would be Chris Harper. Cheer up Duck fans, Oregon still pulled out the "W" and they'll have their leading receiver back for ASU.

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