Thursday, October 2, 2008

USC Predictions

Here are a few predictions regarding this weekends Oregon game vs. the USC Trojans:

Looks like John Hunt has been fairly accurate (5-0) in the first five games and picks (not surprisingly) a USC win on Saturday. If he continues at the pace of his first 5 picks the Ducks would wind up at 9-3... Not bad. ( also believes the Trojans will win with double digits. Though they believe the game will be toe-to-toe until the 4th when the skill at quarterback will ring true.

Moseley also piped in with his predictions for the game. He also picks a USC win.
Surprise, mother f@#$ing surprise... Ted Miller picked USC to win too.

Geez, even at Off the Pond, Nick's PreNicktion is for the Ducks to lose on Saturday. Come on Nick, I've always thought of you as more of a homer than that.

While I have to admit it is extremely hard believing that the Ducks can pull of a win, in the Colosseum and after their only loss of the season. Let's look how the Trojans have responded to loosing in the past.
  • Unfortunately you can't really look back as far as 2004 (Not 1 loss) and to 2005 (only loss came to Texas in the NC)
  • In 2006, when USC lost to OSU, the Trojans squashed Stanford 42-0. They also lost to UCLA in the last game of the season and came out to beat, then No. 8 Michigan by a score of 32-18.
  • Last year after loosing to Stanford at home, the Trojans came out and beat Arizona by 7 (at home 20-13). After loosing to Oregon, the Trojans stomped on OSU by a score of 24-3.
So what's this tell us?!? Probably nothing. Probably that I just wasted my time looking that stuff up... Or probably that the Trojans don't seem to have a problem bouncing back from a loss (like the Ducks have in the past).

Then again, wasn't everyone saying that Michigan was going to annihilate Oregon last year after their season opening loss to Appalachian State? Lets look how that ended.

So, while a USC win is probably the likely outcome in Saturday's matchup... Every once and a while a streak needs to be broken.

Sure, call me a homer... This is exactly why I (typically) don't bet on Duck games... But hey, someone has to do it!

Ducks 28 - USC 24

Time to pull out your bag of tricks Chip.

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