Friday, August 22, 2008

Topping USC?

Yes, it's been way too long since we've seen Jeremiah Johnson drop some potential tacklers on his way to the goal line. Maybe you forgot? Here's a reminder... here, here and here. And did you know that Jeremiah's Stiff Arm even has it's own Myspace page.

Anyway, now Johnson's not only talking about dropping his potential tacklers but stiff arming the Trojans off their podium. I'm sure some people have forgot that last years win over the Trojans was the first game in 45 conference games where the opposing team was actually favored (And they did it without Johnson). Do I think they can be favored again in 2008? Sure it's possible, but highly unlikely... Especially playing in the Colosseum where they had a 35 game home win streak prior to Stanford's win last year. However, you can't help but admire these guys for having huge dreams and aspirations.

The Trojan's haven't gone lightly in the past few years including last years Autzen win where a Matt Harper interception was needed to seal any deal of USC taking it to overtime. Stanford also beat them last year but were behind the whole game and needed a miracle pass on 4th and 10 by Tavita Pritchard to Mark Bradford with 45 seconds left. Oregon State beat them in 2006 but had to defend a last second 2 point conversion that would have tied the game. UCLA also beat them in 2006 with only 13 points (6 of which were off field goals). And their only loss in 2005 was the National Championship game where a Vince Young Texas team beat them with a rushing touchdown with only 19 seconds to play. That is 5 losses in 3 years... Pretty impressive.

I remember a few Ducks talking about winning a National Championship before the 2007 season and I couldn't help but say "yeah right" at the time. Oh how things have changed...

Again, do I think it is possible to beat the Trojans this year? Anything is possible. It definitely isn't going to come easy but if the players keep thinking they can run the table more I'd like to believe in them.

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