Friday, August 15, 2008

Sports Role Models

I have to admit, (in any sport) it is great when you have players that fans can respect not only as athletes but as genuinely good people. Such is the case with Terrence Scott (#8) a JC wide receiver who was thrown into action last year, abandoning his red shirt season and only having two receptions to show from it. Even though Terrence has only one year to play he has no regrets over burning his redshirt season... It isn't about him... It's about the team. Terrence Scott is the type of guy fans want to see succeed. People want to see him live up to his dreams and aspirations because his humble and selfless nature. All the best to Terrence Scott in his senior year, we'll all be routing for your success.

The Portland Trail Blazers have also done a tremendous job in the last few years with not focusing solely on talent (like in the early 2000s), but character to boot. I don't think I could name one person on the Blazer's roster that isn't a positive role model. Take Greg Oden for example. We haven't even see him play in a regular or even preseason game (yes, I know summer ball last year) yet the fans absolutely love him. Yes, he may have been the first pick of last years draft but after watching him in the media for the last year fans have come to realize we have more than just a good basketball player. How can you not look up (ok, yes he's tall) to a guy like this?

These are the articles I love to read because they just make you feel good about a team and it's players. Screw the Canzano's of the world who only create drama and controversy in their writing to heighten their careers.

Cold Prickly to the Canzano's of the world. Warm and Fuzzy to quality reporting, quality players, and quality teams.

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