Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Oregon & Washington

Sure, we'd all be naive to say that Oregon hasn't done anything to piss off the Huskies...

  • There have been numerous occasions of so-called "padding the stats" and "running up the score." In 1973, Oregon ran up the score on the Huskies ending the game 58-0. Only a year later the Huskies responded with a 66-0 win over the Ducks. Last year the Ducks rushed for a record 465 yards at Husky Stadium (at the time it was 192 more yards that Notre Dame had rushed all season).
  • The Ducks took Bobby Moore (now Ahmah Rashad) and Jonathan Stewart from their home state. Bobby and Jonathan were ranked by the Seattle Times as Washington State's 4th and 5th greatest running backs of all time (respectively).
  • Then there are the few occasions Huskies believe the Oregon and/or Oregon fans have ratted them out for recruiting violations.

Richard Linde a few years back wrote in a piece called "The Border War" that also does a tremendous job explaining and emphasizing why there is hate between the two schools. Most of which is reiteration in the articles and links above, but noteworthy none-the-less. Side Note: Oregon didn't actually win in 1951 with a score of 63-6, that was Washington.

Ted miller recently ranked the Oregon/Washington rivalry as the 3rd most bitter rivalry.

By the way... I'm sure most of you know that Ted Bundy was a Husky.

Go Ducks!

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