Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here are a few links that were sent by friends...

Who says Autzen isn't loud... A discussion on college football stadiums and their fans (especially students).

"It was like some sort of crazy torture in the movies... How do people do that so long without taking a breath? I think my ears are still ringing" - Adrian Peterson
To back that up here is a video of Autzen during Oklahoma's blocked kick at the end of the 2006 game to seal the deal for the controversial Ducks win.

Oregon also came in at #20 in deadspin's college football preview. On top of the 20 ranking the author shows some love to cheerleaders and uniforms.

"Off Topic: The swoosh is awesome."
and for you Beaver fans, finally someone outside the Duck community realized you got off easy last year...

"Yes, OSU has won two in a row, but last year took double OT with a fifth string Fr. QB and a hurried, missed 40 yd FG to seal the deal."

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