Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Honoring Todd Doxey

If you are looking for #15 Patrick Chung this weekend, you won't see him... Unless you are looking for #29...

Patrick Chung will wear #29 this Saturday and be the first Oregon Duck in honoring the death of Todd Doxey by wearing his jersey number. Todd Doxey was likely to be Patrick Chung's replacement after this year. Oregon will be rotating Todd's jersey to a different player each week.

In addition to a player wearing #29 each game, the team designed a helmet sticker they will be wearing in honor of the departed Doxey. The death of Doxey has not only pulled the secondary together, but the team as a whole.

Can't wait to see Chung wreck some Huskies in Todd's honor...

Rest in Peace Todd Doxey and Go Ducks

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