Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oregon's Hatred of Washington: Justified

Even though these links were posted by RJ Schaer over at AOL Fanhouse before the 2006 meeting between the Huskies and Ducks, it doesn't make them any less relevant. RJ did a great job of breaking down the origins of the hatred between Oregon and Washington. It's nice to go back to these each year to remind us why their is such a hated rivalry between these two teams.

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  1. This might be the dumbest site I have ever come across...

    By the way? how are all your jail kids doing this year? It's nice to know your star can beat the snot out of his ex "choke" her, and get a one game suspension. Your team has been a "Model" for terrible kids the last 2 years. I see Blount is doing well...

    "You can't spell felony without the OOOOOOO!"